MST3K Rewind Blog

MST3K Rewind Blog
A few weeks ago I was starting to watch an episode MST3K and it struck me: I not sure if I have seen every episode of the show. I started looking at an episode list and I wasn’t sure which one I had actually watched. So why not watch them all. In order. And do a blog about it. Lets get started.

Episode 101 – The Crawling Eye


The Movie
The Crawling Eye is a `1958 science fiction movie. It was originally called The Trollenberg Terror when it was released in England in 1956. Forrest Tucker of “F-Troop” fame stars as a kind of fix it man, Allen Brooks, for the UN. He is on a train in Switzerland to investigate a strange cloud on the side of a mountain near Trollenburg when he meets two English sisters, Anne and Sarah Pilgrim. They are performers that have a mind reading act. One of the sister, Anne (played by Janet Munro) senses something wrong with the mountain and insists they she and her sister most also go to Trollenburg. While there Anne begins to have visions of hikers being attacked on the mountain. Brooks meets up with Professor Crevett at an observatory a little way up the mountain. Crevett tells him that the cloud is radioactive and seems to be moving. A similar incident took place in the Andes three years earlier before the cloud vanished without a trace. When two hikers go missing on the mountain a search party goes looking for them. One of the men’s body is found but the head is missing. The second man later turns up at the hotel where Brooks, the sisters and others are staying. He tries to attack Anne but Brooks shoots him, though he dies not bleed. Word comes from the observatory that the cloud is moving towards the town. Everyone heads for the observatory as it should be safer. Brooks rescues a little girl just as the alien creatures that are hiding in the cloud make their first appearance. The creatures are one eyed tentacled monsters. At the observatory Brooks calls in a UN air strike but the aliens begin attacking the observatory. They are forced to use Molotov cocktails to fight of the aliens until the fire bomb air strike arrives.

As mentioned earlier Forrest Tucker stars in the movie. Besides F-Troop Tucker made a lot of guest starting appearances on virtually all the big shows of the sixties and seventies – Columbo, Bonanza, Kojak, Love Boat before passing away in 1986.

Janet Munro would go on to star in several Disney pictures after this including Darby O’Gill and the Little People opposite Sean Connery in 1959 as well as The Swiss Family Robinson in 1960. Tragically Munro died in 1972 at the age of 38 from a chronic heart condition.

Though the creature is comically bad the movie itself is not horrible. I’ve seen much worse than this. To me what makes a movie bad is if they are boring. This is not boring.

As far a the show goes this was a good one. Joel’s electric bagpipes during the invention exchange were pretty good. He played Amazing Grace and Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love. Lots of F-Troop references during the movie. A couple of times Joel does the voice on the other end during a phone conversation in the movie. This is the first episode to be fully scripted. During the KTMA days the show had much more ad-lib material. Josh Weinstein never cared for this and it would eventually lead to his departure from the show.

Over all I give this episode a 3 out of 5 stars


       Forrest Tucker


       Janet Munro


       The Creature

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