Episode 107

Two Commando Cody shorts start things off.


Ro-Man is an evil moon robot sent to earth to destroy all of its inhabitants. He uses a death ray to kill everyone but an old scientist, his family and his assistant. They all have been given an experimental antibiotic serum which has made them immune to the death ray. Ro-Man’s leader, The Great Guidance, is still on the moon and tells him he must kill the remaining humans no matter what it takes. The humans contact Ro-Man and try to convince him to leave them in peace. Ro-Man refuses, then he kills the youngest daughter and the assistant but finds himself attracted to the older daughter and decides to spare her left. This angers The Great Guidance, who kills Ro-Man. He then unleashes dinosaurs and earthquakes on the earth.
Suddenly the scene changes. It turns out the whole thing was a dream the little boy had after falling and hitting his head. Everyone is okay in the end. Or are they?

George Nader (the assistant): This movie was to be his big break. He signed with Universal Studios and won a Golden Globe Award for “Most Promising Newcomer.” Be he mostly got supporting roles and was never able to get the staring roles.
Claudia Barrett (the older daughter): She appeared in numerous television shows through out the 40’s and 50’s including The Abbott and Costello Show, The Lone Ranger and The Jack Benny Program.
Selena Royle (the mother): She began her film career in 1932 and appeared in over thirty films until 1951. She was labeled a communist sympathizer and her carrer came to a halt. Though she cleared her name this was one of the last two films she every made.
John Mylong (the scientist): he appeared in over 160 films and tv shows, many in Germany.
George Barrows (Ro-Man): Barrows built the gorilla suit he used in the film.  He appeared in many films in the suit as well as out of it, sometimes performing stunt work.

This movie is down right bizarre. If you have never seen it you really should. It normally appears on critic’s lists of worst movies of all-time. Ro-Man is nothing more than a guy in a gorilla suit with a “space” helmet on. Much of the filming was done in Bronson Canyon in California. We will see this location in other episodes down the road.


The last hope for humanity.

Doing battle with Ro-Man

A couple of the better riffs:

# Hey! You two! My marriage license has expired! You’re not really married, come back!

# Here comes Rompin’ Rowdy Ro-Man.

# What’s so scary about an alien that looks like the mascot of a college football team?

# I think we’ve all ‘reported to the moon’ at one time or another.

By this episode everything about the show is really starting to gel. The riffs are good. The host segments are good.

I give this a 3 out of 5. The only reason I didn’t score it higher is because of the two Cody shorts. They are really boring.

George Nader


Claudia Barrett


Selena Royle


John Mylong


George Barrows

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