Episode 108

The Slime People (1963)
Another Cody episode is up first.

A pilot (Robert Hutton as Tom Gregory) tries to fly into Los Angeles when he encounters a huge amount of fog and has difficulty landing his plane. After landing he finds there is no one around. Everything is deserted. Suddenly a car pulls and convinces Tom to get in. In the car are Prof. Galbraith (Robert Burton) and his two daughters, Lisa (Susan Hart) and Bonnie (Judee Morton). They tell Tom about the Slime People that have come from underground and are responsible for the fog which has somehow solidified around Los Angeles. Virtually all the residents were evacuated. Tom works for a tv station so the four of them decide to go there for safety. When they arrive they get their first glimpse of the Slime People and they also hook up with a marine named Cal ( William Boyce ).
After a night’s sleep they head out to try and find the fog wall. The professor wants to try an experiment to see if they can break through. Along the way the pick up a writer named Tolliver (Les Tremayne) who is nonplussed about the Slime People. While searching for the wall the Slime People attack and everyone is forced to escape. Everyone is fully freaked out, even Tolliver. They are forced to stop and try to hide out but Tolliver is killed. Eventually they stumble across the fog making machine and destroy it. With the fog gone the Slime People all die and everyone is saved. Oh and of course Bonnie and Cal hook up as do Tom and Lisa.

              Robert Hutton 


Do to a resemblance to Jimmy Stewart, Hutton was able to find roles that were originally slated for Stewart during World War II, when Stewart enlisted in the Army. Later Hutton worked in movies, TV shows and as a writer and director in England for several years.

                  Les Tremayne.


Tremayne was heard on more than 40 shows a week on the radio during the 1930s and 1940s. He was once named one of the three most distinctive voices on American radio and was elected to the National Radio Hall of Fame in 1995.

            Robert Burton


Burton was a character actor for many years. He passed away before this movie was released. 

               Susan Hart


Hart stared in many of the “beach movies” of the 1960’s including The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini, Pajama Party, and Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine.

William Boyce

Boyce appeared in only 4 movies, this being the most well know.

         Judee Morton


Morton did mostly tv shows into the 80’s before leaving to raise a family. She does some acting work today but is mainly a practicing psychotherapist in Los Angeles.

There is so much fog at times its hard to see what is going on.


Some of the better riffs.

# Do you have a hall pass, Bonnie? I’ll have to shoot you if you don’t.

# She’s probably having the slime of her life.

# That Fog is Thicker than Grandma’s Moustache!

# mmm – tastes like root beer barrels

# Give me back my gum!

# Hi, I’m Goat Man…”

# Don’t point that goat at me! It might go off!

This movie really silly. The amount of fog is down right amazing. Lots of good jokes here as well.

I give this a 3 out of 5

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