Episode 112

Untamed Youth (1957)


Penny and Jane Lowe (Mamie Van Doren and Lori Nelson) are hitchhiking from Illinois to California to try their luck in the entertainment world. While cooling off in a pond the local sheriff arrests them. The Judge Steele sentences them to thirty days confinement. They and a group of others, are then sent to work on an agricultural farm owned by Russ Tropp. Tropp (John Russell) runs the farm with an iron fist and is paying the sheriff to arrest the kids so he can use them for cheap labor.
After sending everyone to the bunk house Tropp finds his hand picked house girl, Lilibeth (Jeanne Carmen) fooling around behind his back and sends her back with the others to pick cotton. She arrives at the barracks to find Penny and Jane in the middle of a song. Afterwards she and Jane get into a fight. Jane gets the better of her and they become friends.
Meanwhile Judge Steele’s son, Bob (Don Burnett), comes home from the navy. She sends him to Tropp’s farm where he hires him to work at full pay. Tropp actually bought the farm from the judge so Bob is very familiar with the place.
Out in the fields Penny, Jane and the others are picking cotton when, led by Bong (Eddie Cochran), they break into song. Unfortunately a girl know as Baby passes out from heat exhaustion. Bob finds her and gets her to some help.
Tropp ends up at the judge’s house. It turns out they are secretly married but he is just using her to undercut the other farmers in the area and get rich.
After a hard day picking cotton the youngsters sing and dance (again). Tropp wants Penny to come up to the house hear her sign in private. Jane tries to talk her out of it but can’t. Once there Tropp puts the moves on Penny but Jane talks Bob into going to the house and foils his plans. Bob is beginning to suspect something fishy is going on and Tropp doesn’t trust Bob either.
Back in the fields Baby (Yvonne Lime) collapses again and Bob rushes her to the doctor but she dies. Turns out she was 5 months pregnant. Bob then confronts his mother with all his suspicious about Tropp. She confesses to her relationship with Tropp and tells Bob he should go to Montana for a while. Bob heads back to the farm and tells Tropp where to stick it. Before he leaves he finds Jane and tells her he wants to see her again sometime. Jane convinces him to stay.
Judge Steele (Lurene Tuttle) has Jane brought to her home and Jane tells her everything Tropp has been up to. The Judge is devastated and angry. She and Jane head back to the farm.
At the farm, despite one of their group has just died, Penny and the rest are singing and dancing (again). Bob shows up looking for Jane. He over hears Tropp and the sheriff talking to a Mexican man. They’re cutting a deal to smuggle some workers across the border. When Tropp spots Bob, he and the sheriff grab him. They are going to send him to Mexico and have him killed. Just then all the other kids come out and confront Tropp. Then the Judge and Jane show up. The Judge forces the sheriff to arrest Tropp and she commutes the sentences of all the workers to time served.
The Judge, Bob and Jane are then sitting watching Penny singing and dancing on tv.

This movie really anoyed me but I’m not sure why. Russ Tropp is a perfectly lousy villain. The look on his face when he had to show affection to the judge is great. Maybe it the way this movie tries to manipulate you and I never really care for movies like that. Just too preachy for me to enjoy.


Mamie Van Doren stared in many teen-exploitation film like Teacher’s Pet, Born Reckless, Girls Town and Sex Kittens Go to College 


Lori Nelson appeared as “Rosie Kettle” in Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair and Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki. In 1957, she stared in the tv show How to Marry a Millionaire.


John Russell stared as Marshal Dan Troop in the tv series Lawman. Throughout the 1960s and into the 1980s he appealed in more than twenty films, including Pale Rider as Clint Eastwood’s main villain, Marshal Stockburn.


Don Burnett appeared in film and tv from 1955 – 1962


Lurene Tuttle had an extensive carrer on radio for many years. Most significantly on the Adventures of Sam Spade where she played just about every female role. She latter became a familiar face to television viewers with over one hundred appearances from 1950 to 1986.


Eddie Cochran was a rockabilly singer with songs like “Somethin’ Else”, “Summertime Blues” and “Twenty Flight Rock”. He died at the age of 21 after a car accident during his British tour in April 1960. He wad elected to the rock n roll hall of fame 1987.

Yvonne Lime appeared in tv and movie rolls from 1956 to 1968 including Loving You with Elvis Presley. She then left acting to devote much of her time to philanthropy, working to better the lives of orphans worldwide and neglected children in the United States.

Jeanne Carmen ran away from home at age 13 and became a trick shot golfer, hustling people for money and getting in close with a few gangsters. In her 20s, she began appearing in B movies. She later became friends with Marilyn Monroe. When Monroe died she was advised to “leave town” by Chicago mobsters. She then hid out in Scottsdale, Arizona for over a decade.

Best riffs
# Hey, it’s Blond Lemon Jefferson

# They call her coffee ‘cuz she grinds so fine.

# Oh, Ross. You’re wonderful. “Thanks grandma.”

# Okay, tell me something and be honest: do I really look like Colonel Tom Parker?

# “There’s a woman out-standing in her field

# I’m sorry, I have some very bad news for you.” I’m not a real doctor

# Hey, it’s Greg Bradey.

The episode it self was good but this movie drags it down.
2 out of 5

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