Episode 203

Jungle Goddess (1948)

With the short The Phantom Creeps (1939)

**Joel and the bots are playing hide and seek with the cosmic forces that control the universe.

Joel’s invention this week is the radio controlled saw. He accidentally cuts a hole in the floor and falls in. Dr. Forrester turned himself into a saxophone. Frank has to help with cleaning his spit valve.

**Time for the short.

Doctor Zorka (Bella Lugosi) and his assistant Monk are discussing one of Zorka’s inventions, a huge robot with a giant head. Zorka, much to Monk’s dismay, lets it walk around the lab for a while. Zorka feels an army of these would make him the most powerful person in the world.
Zorka’s wife arrives with his old partner Dr. Mallory to try and talk some sense into him. Zorka shows his wife another invention of his using a spider and a disc with a new element he has discovered. Mallory sees the demonstration and is impressed. He tries to convince Zorka to turn his discovery over to the government but he is having none of that. He even threatens to sell it to some foreign governments. Mallory decides to notify military intelligence.
All pissed off now Zorka heads back to his lab. He tests out one of his other ideas, an invisibility belt. It works like a charm. He and Monk then move their lab into a secret area of the house.
A man from the military comes to the house. He, Mallory and Zorka’s wife go into the old lab to try and see what Zorka has been up to. Zorka and Monk have cleaned out the lab and have already left.
Zorka stages his death in a car accident. He then spies on the authorities while wearing the invisibility belt. While on her way to identify Zorka’s body, his wife is killed in a plane crash

End of the short

**Joel is hosting an infomercial with Tom and Crow selling exploding spiders.


Bob Simpson, an American pilot, is hanging out in a bar in the African jungle. Fellow pilot Mike Patton (George Reeves) comes in and Bob shows him a newspaper article. It explains that the will of rich tycoon Peter Vanderhorn stipulates that whoever finds his lost daughter will receive a substantial reward. Greta Vanderhorn has been missing after her plane crashed in the African jungle six years ago. No one has been able to search for her because of WWII. Bob (Ralph Byrd) convinces Mike they should start searching for her.

After flying for a little while and only seeing wildlife, they spot the wreckage. Somehow they land the plane and start tramping through the jungle towards the wreckage. When they stumble upon some tribesmen Bob immediately shoots one but they are quickly captured. The tribe guys bring them to their village where lo and behold it’s Greta (Wanda McKay) and she is the goddess of the village. She explains that the two men will be put on trial for murder. Bob is duly convicted and sentenced to death at the next full moon. Mike just gets probation or rather is found innocent. They both are put under guard until the execution. Bob has smuggled a hand gun into the jail. He and Mike have eight days to figure out how to get out of this mess. Greta then summons Mike to her hut.

**Crow and Servo ask about the binocular effect from the movie so Joel demonstrates a bunch of different types of camera effects that can be used.

Movie Sign!!!

With the guard gone Greta lets go of the goddess act. She asks Mike if her father has sent them. Mike informs her of his passing. She then goes into a flashback sequence about how she got there. She was in college, then Germany invaded Poland, then she flew to Lisbon, then her plane crashed in Africa on the way to Johannesburg. Being the only survivor she sets out through the jungle, purse in hand of course. The villagers find her and thought she was a God. Well you get the point.
Tired of the jungle life Greta is ready to hit the road but the natives aren’t about to just let her go. She has a plan to get out and Mike agrees to go along with it. Mike tells Bob about Greta’s story. Bob is all freaked out and not sure what to think.

The next day Greta sends for Mike again. They have a big meal in her hut while Bob eats alone. Just as Mike is getting ready to leave Greta’s hut he sees a rare mineral. It’s cronotite. You know cronotite. It right on the periodic table after upsidaisium and before unobtainium. Mike shows it to Bob and they both agree they are going to be rich. Bob suggests they make a break for it that night. Mike reminds him about Greta. Bob’s all like no way man bros before hos man. Mike storms off.

With all the hunters out hunting, Bob tries to convince one of the native girls to take him out into the jungle but she snitches on him. Mike confronts Bob and they get into a scrap over the gun. Bob accidentally shots another native. The three of them make a run for it.

* * Break time
**An old airplane, just like the one from the movie, appears outside the ship. Its Bob and Mike from the film. They want to exploit the mineral rights and natives. And of course Bob wants to shoot things.
** back to the theater

Greta twists her ankle which slows them down. The three are forced to spend the night in the jungle as do the natives pursuing them.
The next morning Mike and Bob get into another fight. This time Bob wins and gets the gun back. He starts out on his own. Mike and Greta try to follow. The natives follow them. This goes on for several minutes with Bob shooting at stuff every so often. Mike and Greta catch up to Bob and surprise they start fighting again. One of the tribesmen spears Bob in the back. Mike then shoots the spear thrower dead. Greta and Mike reach the plane and fly away to safety.

**Joel and the bots put on a sitcom called “My White Goddess”. Frank loves it. He then starts repeating everything Dr. Forrester says. At least he pushed the button this time.

George Reeves played Superman in the Adventures of Superman from 1951 -1958. Reeves died in 1959. It was officially ruled a suicide but many believe it was an accidental shooting or maybe murder.


Wanda McKay was a model in many magazines, and was selected as the model for the Chesterfield Girl. She also won the “Miss America Aviation” award


Ralph Byrd stared as Dick Tracy on TV and film beginning in 1937 until his death from a heart attack in 1952.
Best riffs

# What navy is he in? I think he’s a cab driver

# How’s the ankle? Oh its fine… Well keep hobbling or I’ll have to chew it off

# What happened Wanama? Were you with the white devil? (Nods) Do we need to get out the anatomically correct doll?

# Someone oughta spank that monkey.

This is a difficult one for me. The short and the movie are really bad. Most of the breaks weren’t that good either. The riffing was average. This is one of my least favorite episodes.
I give this a 1 out of 5

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