Episode 205

Episode 205
Rocket Attack USA
And part 2 of the Phantom Creeps


**Joel has given Tom Servo a “haircut” and tries to explain all of the hair care products he’ll need. Joel invents an adding machine that prints out candy dots. The Mads turn a Foosball table into a water polo game.

See episode 203 for part one of the short.
The pilot of the plane is found to be in suspended animation. Military officials think one of Zorka’s inventions caused the accident.
Zorka is devastated by his wife’s death. He vows revenge on the scientist that forced him into hiding. Zorka and Monk head back to the house and sneek by the guards. They get into the lab to retrieve the robot, the disc’s and spiders. A reporter then slips into the house.  Then two guys from military intelligence show up. Monk panics and tries to make a run for it. He’s shot by one of the military men and captured. Zorka goes invisible and takes off in a car.  Military guy and the reporter follow in her car. Zorka pulls over and hides. While the military guy checks out the car, Zorka knocks him on the head with a branch. He then sends the car over a cliff with the military guy in it.
End of the short.

**Joel explains what the cold war and MaCarthy era was, but he he mixes up Joe MaCarthy with Charlie MaCarthy.

News reel style footage talks about the Soviet Union launching Sputnik. US military intelligence discuss what the satellite may be able to do and what the US needs to do to launch a satellite.
Meanwhile in West Berlin, CIA officer George White summons his best agent, John McKay.

John is to slip into Moscow and find out what the Russians really know about rocketry. He is to meet up with another agent when he gets there. A woman!!!! John seems really excited by this. Whoa there big fella, lets not have another situation like in Vienna, White tells him. John is then flown into Russia via a small plane and left to find a way into Moscow.
A voice over explains that Moscow is very prosperous under the present government but the military is threatening to take over. John makes his way to a café to wait for his contact. He sits and watches some local entertainment.

The agent, you remember, a woman, slips a message to him. Later he meets her at her home. Her name is Tanya. That’s the girls name not the name of the…. never mind. Tanya tells John she is the mistress  of the head of the Russian defense ministry. They have all the info they need from Sputnik to complete their missile design. John wants to contact his bosses but will need to stay with Tanya until he gets further instructions. Tanya warns him that the Russian comes over drunk sometimes looking to get a little something on the side so he will have to hide when he does.

**Break time
** It’s civil defense quiz time.
Joel asks questions about civil defense and the bots, including Gypsy, get to answer them. Gypsy of course answers “Richard Basehart”

After one of the defense ministers “visits”, Tanya explains that there is a power struggle in the government and they are trying to decide if they should attack the US or not. Back in America, the military is pushing to get their own missiles ready.
The Russian comes a calling again and he wants her to go with him to see the new missile they have. That’s not an euphemism for anything by the way. When he passes out on the couch, John comes out of hiding. He tells Tanya he’s jealous and wants her to himself. He plants a big one on her right then and she seems to like it.

The US tests a missile of their own but it goes poorly. The military is very depressed.
Tanya is away with the minister so John is just hanging around her place. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. It’s a British agent with a message from Tanya. He is to take John to meet Tanya at a secret location.
John meets up with her at an old building. She’s brought along some dynamite for John to use on the missile. After a little bit of kissey face the two head off. Meanwhile British guy gets picked up the Russians and is interigated. The guards at the missile site are now on high alert. One of them spots our heroes and shots Tanya but John gets away. He slips in and plants the dynamite on the missile. After a brief gun fight , John takes off into the woods. The Russians are able to remove the explosive as John races back to where Tanya was shot. Another guard guns John down.
All of the sudden we are back in the US. A man is getting on a train. His wife is concerned because of the air raid warnings that have been going off.

** Break
** There is a Russian ship outside. It’s “Sorri Andropov” and his two robots. Joel wants to get together but unfortunately the ports aren’t compatible.

Bill, the man from the train, is a radio broadcaster and he reports that the Soviets have a big meeting and they seem to be backing off from their desire to blow up the US. Guess he was wrong as we get to watch a Russian fuel the missile and off it goes. The missile heads for New York and everyone heads for cover. The missile strikes Manhattan and 3 million people are killed.

** Joel and the bots are really pissed off about the movie. Dr F likes the response. Frank thinks they should send them are higher quality movie next time.

John McKay was in The Dead One and Cuban Rebel Girls.

Monica Davis was also in The Dead One and The Swap and How They Make It.

Best Riffs
# I’m standing in a shotgun shack, in another part of the world. This is not my beautiful wife.
# It must be a stealth missile, there’s no shadow.

# Hmm, let me see here. There was an old hermit named dave, who lived by himself in a cave. This doesn’t prove anything. What’s this supposed to be.

This movie is dreadful. The short is much better and it’s just a typical serial with cliff hanger endings. The episode itself was really good. Some really good riffs and all the host segments were good.
I give this a 3 out of 5.

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