Episode 209

The Hellcats (1968)

** Everyone, including magic voice, has a cold. Joel turns Tom’s head into a vaporizer which helps clear everyone up but the ingredients may cause flashbacks.  For the invention exchange, Joel invented a sign language device. The Mads are hanging out on motorcycles because it’s a biker film again. 

A group of bikers are attending the funeral of one of their gang members.  Watching them are two detectives and a crime boss with one of his henchmen. Detective Chapman has been on the trail of the bikers and Mr Adrian, the crime boss, for six months but can’t seem to get them yet.

Later a biker delivers some drugs to Mr Adrian (Robert Slatzer) . He is getting tired of Chapman snooping around and decides to have him killed. Chapman and his fiancé, Linda, are out having a stroll on a hill when he is gunned down by one of Mr Adrian’s men.

Chapman’s brother, Sgt  Monte Chapman, returns home to comfort Linda. The two of them decide to try and figure out who the killer is. Using the only clue they have, they ride a motorcycle to where the bikers are hanging out. They head in and act like hardened bikers, which impresses everyone.

** Break
** Tom is writing in his diary and has a flashback to the crawling hand episode.

The bartender at the hangout calls Mr Adrian and tells him about the new biker. Someone puts a song on the jukebox and it’s time dance, dance, dance.
One of Adrian’s men comes in and delivers some instructions to Sheila, a biker girl. She is to pickup a couple pounds of drugs the next day. The guy starts trying to get frisky with her when our hero steps in to break it up. The gang decides to head out for some fun. Linda and Monte (Ross Hagen) join them.
Next it’s out in a field for more dancing, drinking and smooching. Another biker gang shows up and a starring contest begins.

The leaders of each gang take off on their bikes for some sort of race while the others continue starring. 

** Break
** This time Crow has a flashback to the rocketship x-m episode.

The good guys leader, Snake, makes it back first. (Wait, which ones are the good guys?) Anyway, the two of them start fighting. With chains no less. Just when it looks like it’s going to turn into a huge brawl, Monte stops them and says, “Peace brothers. No more war”. Suddenly they are all friends. Sheila starts taking a liking to Monte but Snake (Del ‘Sonny’ West) puts a stop to that and challenges Monte. First Snake and then Monte are tied between two bikes.

They have to hold on for 15 seconds while getting pulled apart. Monte wins the contest. Sheila, now really impressed, is all over Monte. The two head off for a little alone time.
One of the bikers tries to get close to Linda but she beats the crap out of him. Monte tries to get some information out of Sheila but she’s not talking. She ends up asking Linda (Dee Duffy) to come with her on the drug run.

Linda, Sheila and another girl, Betty, pickup the dope at a shack in Mexico. It’s easy to tell it’s Mexico because of the flamenco music constantly playing. On the way back, a cop starts to chase them. Linda and Sheila head one way while the cop follows Betty another. She wrecks her bike and is killed. Unfortunately the stash was hidden on her bike. When one of the bikers tries to it get back from the impound lot, he gets busted.
Sheila (Sharyn Kinzie) rides off to Mr Adrian’s office. Linda follows her with Monte close behind. Sheila and Linda head into the office. Mr Adrian is none too happy. He slaps Sheila and has her tied up. He then starts sizing up Linda. Monte shows up and tries to sneak in but is knocked out by Mr Adrian’s goon.

** Break
** Time for Joe’s flashback to Jungle Goddess.

After beating Monte up a bit they tie him up as well.

Adrian and his men start cleaning out the office to get ready to go to Tahiti. They plan to dump Monte and Sheila in the ocean and take Linda with them.
Meanwhile at the police station, the biker that got busted decides to tell all that he knows.
When Linda gets Mr. Adrian alone she convinces him she wants to get to know him better.
Sheila finds a cutting tool and is able to free her and Monte. He starts attacking the bad guys while Sheila heads to a pay phone to call the gang. Adrian pulls a gun and gets the upper hand on our heroes. He forces them into a car and then on to a boat. The bikers all show up before they can launch the boat. They beat up the bad guys and rescue Monte and Linda. Later, Linda and Monte part ways and Monte rides off on his bike.

** Joel and the bots enjoy a big hug and are glad to have each other. Dr Forrester is repulsed but Frank is sobbing. He finally gets the doctor to give him a hug.

This is the second time we have seen Ross Hagen. He was in episode 202 – The Sidehackers.

This was the last of three movies Dee Duffy appeared in.

This was the only movie Sharyn Kinzie appeared in.

Del ‘Sonny’ West appeared in Stay Away Joe with Elvis Presley also in 1968.

Robert F. Slatzer acted in one other movie but was the writer and director of this movie.

Best Riffs
## I’ve got my eye on you.

## It’s a book signing party for “150 Sex”

## Oh, I get it! It’s a triathlon: bike race, knife fight, then beer guzzling…

## Mixing dice with chess really speeds up the game!

This movie is really a dud but the episode is pretty good. 3 out of 5.

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