Episode 211

First Spaceship on Venus

** Joel tries adjusting Tom’s sarcasm levels. He quickly has to change them back. For the invention exchange Joel made a starter junk drawer. The Mads can’t find their invention. They search through their own junk drawer and find Abe Vigoda.

A voice over explains that in 1985 an unusual object was found in the Gobi desert. It actually was a spool of extraterrestrial origin. Scientists believe it came from a spaceship that exploded before it could land on earth. The object seems to contain some sort if message. The scientists study it and try to decipher the message. They are sure of one thing, it came from Venus. They make efforts to contact Venus but are unsuccessful. It’s then decided to send a group of scientists to Venus to see what’s happening there.
The scientist all arrive at the launch site. Two of them, Brinkman and Sumiko, seem to have a little history between them. One of the scientists has built a small robot.

After a little nap time the crew drive to the rocket with the entire ground crew waving goodbye to them. They board the ship and away they go.

** Break
** Tom and Crow make a robot that does nothing but spit out foam. It spits out so much it starts filling up the whole room.

The ship heads towards the moon and contacts Luna 3 on the surface. They have a little back and forth conversation and then it’s off to Venus. But first we get to watch nothing happen for a while. Everyone is just going about their duties. For some reason they all seem to be wearing pajamas now.

Suddenly a meteor swarm causes the ship to start careening all over the place. Everyone is thrown about the cabin. One of the men smashes a glass dome and turns on the emergency gyroscope. Wow, that was close. One of the meteors damaged the ship’s brake pads or something. Got to go outside to fix it. They make the repairs and everything goes back to being boring.
A couple of the scientists on the ship keep working on trying to decipher the message from the artifact. Eventually they crack the code. It details a plan to invade the earth. The crew tries to contact earth but the signal can’t get through. They all decide to continue on to Venus.

** Break
** The bots start to play the old game show match game when a spaceship appears. It’s a gorilla and he’s not happy. Tom sings him a song to calm him down.

They reach Venus and establish an orbit. Luckily everyone is back in more suitable clothing. They need to find a landing site but can’t see anything due to clouds, so they send Brinkman out in a sort of helicopter thing. Unfortunately radio communication is blocked. He lands and starts exploring the surface with the little robot. Suddenly the helicopter thing blows up. Oh no, the Venusians are attacking. Brinkman high tails it out of there but falls into some kind of underground cavern. There are a bunch of tiny metal creatures bouncing around in it.
The main ship decides to land. Wouldn’t you know it they lasnd almost on top of Brinkman. Some of the crew start poking around the surface. They find the remnants of the copter and see it was sitting on a broken power line which caused it to blow up. Brinkman and the robot show up. He shows them one of the little bouncy things he found. The group does a little scouting and they find a large glowing ball and some other artifacts but no Venusians.

The next day they do more exploring and run a bunch of tests. They determine something bad happened. Really bad. Time for more looking around.
They follow a large power line across the deformed landscape to some sort of operational building. They find an underground chamber filled with a bubbling substance which they explore further. One of the crew accidentally kicks a rock into the goo. The oozing mass starts to follow them. They try running up a spiral structure to get away but it no use. Just when it looks like the end, one of the scientist fires a weapon at the mess and it recedes all the way back. They scurrying out of there.

** Break
** It’s Klack festival theater time.
Joel and the bots present some very unusual holiday food ideas.

A sort of storm starts brewing up and some of the equipment seems to be working now. They head back to their little cars and head back to the ship.

Back on board, its more study time. It appears as though the Venusians destroyed themselves in an atomic blast while preparing to invade the earth. When they shot the bubbling mass it restarted the same chain reaction that destroyed the Venusians. The radiation outside the ship starts increasing causing the controls to stop working. Two of the scientists go out and do something to reverse the chain reaction. One of them is injured and Brinkman goes to help. Suddenly the planets gravity reverses and starts to push the rocket off of Venus. They are forced to take off leaving the three men on the planet surface. Back on earth they tell everyone about their great adventure and what they learned.

** Crow kind of liked the movie. Joel is not so sure. Tom’s sarcasm gets out of hand and his head explodes.

The cast was made up of mostly European born actors that never went on to appear in hardly any American made films. It was filmed in East Germany and released in 1960.

Best Riffs

# # I’m here, Steve. Hold me Steve, again.

## We’ve secretly replaced their planet with Folger’s Crystals…

## It’s the A-Team!

# #  Well, this is the last of the bathroom tissue.

This is not one of the better episodes. The movie is bad but kind of fun. The Riffs are a little flat. Not to many good ones. I give it 2 out of 5.

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