Episode 212


** Joel and the bots start the show with a kind of Today Show feel. They talk about the guests and segments that you would be seeing. For the invention exchange Joel shows off a few unusual Halloween costumes. Dr Forrester and Frank have their own costumes they made.

In 1971, an underground nuclear explosion was set of in the Aleutian islands. The effects of the blast could be felt all the way on Monster Island.
In Japan a young boy, Rokuro, plays on his water craft when the water starts bubbling willy-nilly. The ground is also shaking. The boy is rescued by his uncle Goro and his friend Hiroshi but all the water in the lake disappears underground.
The three head back to their home/lab. Upon arrival they notice the door is open. Two men are inside. After a brief struggle the intruders get away. Hiroshi hops in his car and takes off after them but they elude him. Back at the lab, nothing seems to be missing. Even the robot they were working on seems okay.

The next day they continue working on the robot. They call it Jet Jaguar and he’s working great. Turns out the bad guys planted a listening device in the lab. They grab Rokuro (Hiroyuki Kawase) while he’s playing outside and use him to get back into the lab.

** Break
** The bots are inspired by the movie to come up with their own giant monsters. It quickly desolves into a game of one-upsmanship between them.

The bad guys knock out the good guys and take control of the lab. They are members of a race of people that live under the sea know as Seatopians. The nuclear tests have been destroying their world. It’s time for war against the earthlings. The Seatopians summon Megalon to attack everyone on the surface or a least Tokyo. The giant monster comes to life and flies away to wreck havoc.
Back at the lab, the bad guys take control of Jet Jaguar and make him fly off to the lake. Hiroshi is tied up at the lab while Goro and Rokuro are tied up inside a metal container of some sort on the back of a truck. At the lab, Hiroshi is able to get out of his bindings and get away from the bad guy. He drives off after his compatriots.
Back inside the container, Goro and Rokuro also get themselves untied. Apparently the bad guys can’t tie anyone up very well. The bad guy at the lab calls to warn everyone that Hiroshi has escaped. More Seatopians start to follow him around in his car. After a wild chase, Hiroshi is able to give them the slip.
Meanwhile Megalon arrives at the lake. The Seatopians use Jet Jaguar to guide him towards Tokyo. The Japanese military is called out to stop them.
The truck with Goro and Rokuro in it arrives at a dam. Their container is just about to be dumped into the river but Megalon shows up. So does Hiroshi. Megalon jumps into the reservoir causing a lot of water to breech the dam.

** Break
** Joel and the bots show clips of the chase sequence from the movie and call it, Rex Dart – Eskimo Spy.

Megalon crashes through the dam causing all sorts of destruction. The container slides off the truck and Megalon smacks it with his pointy hands. It flies over a hill and pops open as it crashes to the ground. Out tumble Goro and Rokuro.

Hiroshi (Yutaka Hayashi) gets to them and our ragtag team is back together.
They quickly realize the Seatopians are controlling Jet Jaguar. Goro has a communicator that can help him regain control of Jet Jaguar but it can only be used when he is with in sight.
The military open fire on Megalon. They attack with everything they have but its no good. Megalon fires back and easily overwhelms them.

He continues on towards Tokyo.
Goro (Katsuhiko Sasaki) convinces the military to let him try to gain control of Jet Jaguar so he can go and get Godzilla to help they. The plan works and JJ heads off to retrieve the big lizard. The military uses the airforce to continue the attack on Megalon again with no success. The Seatopians figure out what’s up and summon their own reinforcements, the monster Gigan.
Megalon begins to blast away at Tokyo, destroying legions of buildings. Hiroshi and Rokuro head into town and grab a model airplane from an evacuated store. They head back to the lab and use the toy to smash into the head of the bad guy that was still there.  Goro arrives forthwith and once again the team is back together. Jet Jaguar returns and has learned how to control himself. He let’s are heroes know that he found Godzilla then he flies away.

** Break
** Tom and Crow dress up as Orville Redenbacher and his grandson.

Jet Jaguar tracks down Megalon. He lands and suddenly he grows to monster size. The fight is on, with each one getting the upper hand for while. Gigan arrives and now it’s two on one. Jet Jaguar is getting his ass handed to him when finally Godzilla bursts in. After some fighting Gigan and Megalon encircle JJ and lizard boy with fire. The good guys are able to break out. Now they’ve had it and they completely take control of the fight. They chase Gigan home before finishing off Megalon with a flying kick from Godzilla.

With their foes vanguish, Godzilla heads back to Monster Island while Jet Jaguar shrinks back down to normal size and heads home with his awestruck human friends.

** Joel gives Crow and Tom some new arms. The Mads are busy playing a video game.

Katsuhiko Sasaki starred in three different Godzilla movies but as different characters in each one.

Yutaka Hayashi appeared in many Japanese movies into the 1980’s.

Hiroyuki Kawase also was in Godzilla vs the Smog Monster.

Best Riffs

##  The Man who drove down Everest!

## Meanwhile, BJ and the Bear go to Japan

## I have come here to chew sushi and kick butt and I’m all out of sushi.

Your right this is the wrong club for this hole.

This is an average episode. Solid riffing and the movie us very silly.
3 out of 5.

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