Episode 213

Episode 213
Godzilla vs the Sea Monster (1966)

** Joel is reading The Velveteen Rabbit to the bots. They love it. For the invention exchange Joel makes a mind control guitar. Dr Forrester and Frank made guitars out of used doggie squeaky toys.

A boat is being tossed about on a stormy sea and is being attacked by a giant lobster. The lobster flips the boat over.
Now it’s two months later. A psychic is talking to a mother. Her son was on the boat that was lost at sea. She tells the women her son is still alive.
Then it’s a dance contest. Two of the male dancers, Ichino and Nita, are forced to drop out. They meet another man, Ryota, that is needing a boat. He is the brother of Yata, one of the men lost at sea. The three of them drive down to the harbor and climb aboard a nice looking yacht. They start looking around when the owner, Yoshimura, appears and pulls a gun on them. After pleading their case, the owner lets them stay the night on board. When he wakes up, Ryota has taken the boat out to sea and refuses to turn around. Turns out the boat is not Yoshimura’s after all. He is a bank robber on the run from the law.
Later the sea starts getting rough and the yacht is jostled. Water begins to flood the craft and the mast breaks in half. The four of them survive but are washed a shore on some unknown island. Yoshimura realizes all the money he stole has washed away and is not happy about it.
They climb up a rock face and find a small grove of banana trees.

They gorge themselves for awhile before continuing on. They see a large boat coming into a bay below them, so they head for it. As they get closer they notice some sort of a military facility. The boat docks and delivers several drums of cargo to the soldiers there. There are also several  islanders that are being held as slaves. Two of them make a break for it down the beach and reach a small canoe. They paddle out into the ocean but the large lobster monster from the opening scene devours them.

Amidst the confusion, one of the slave girls escapes. The four would be heroes find her and she joins them.

** Break
** Tom and Crow ask Joel to explain just who is this Godzilla character. Joel presents them with the Godzilla Genealogy Bop to explain.

The girls name is Daiyo (Kumi Mizuno) and she tells the others about Mothra. The slaves are from another island and they believe that Mothra will rescue them from their captures. Daiyo and the four sad sailors are hiding out in a cave trying to decide what to do. Suddenly they notice Godzilla asleep deep in the cave.
That night they device a plan to break into the facility and help the natives escape. Yoshimura picks a lock on a security door and they slip inside. They snoop around and figure out it’s a heavy water factory. Just then they are discovered and are forced to make a run for it. Ryota gets tangle in a balloon and starts floating away.

Nita is captured and is put to work with the slaves while the other three escape. They hide out in the Godzilla cave again.
Ryota lands on the other island and finds his brother Yata there. The natives there a prayin to Mothra. Back on the first island, the soldiers are searching for the wayward trio. They fire their weapons as they tramp through the jungle to try and force them our of hiding. Desperate to escape, they decide to try and wake up Godzilla using a make shift lightning rod. They hope lizard boy will keep they bad guys busy so they can get away.
Back with the slaves, they explain to Nita that they are being forced to make a special potion that keeps the giant crustacean from attacking the military boats. They all decide to make a fake batch of the stuff to trick the bad guys.

** Break
** Joel makes some not so convincing replicas of famous buildings out of found junk from around the ship. The bots are starting worry about Joel’s sanity.

Ryota and Yata leave the other island on a small boat and head for the original island. As they get close a storm starts to close in. They row as hard as they can against the storm. Then the gigantic crayfish makes an appearance. Lightning flashes everywhere and finally hits the lightning rod. At last Godzilla awakens and he looks pissed.

Ryota and Yata leap from their boat and swim towards the island. Godzilla heads off to show barnacle boy what’s what.
Godzilla sends a boulder flying towards clam face but he bats it back. Suddenly a tennis match breaks out. When a boulder finally goes out of bounds it’s time for hand to claw combat. Godzilla gets the better of him and the great lobster takes off.
Ryota and Yata eventually find Yoshimura (Akira Takarada), Ichino and Daiyo. They decide to try and rescue Nita and the others. The military guys spot them and it chase time again. They split up and Daiyo runs straight into Godzilla. The bad guys high tail it out of there. Daiyo looks to be dead meat but lizard boy seems to be smitten by her. He gets tired and sits down to take a nap. A huge bird comes flying up and Godzilla makes quick work of it. Time to get back to that nap. Wait a minute, here comes the airforce. Now he’ll never get a nap.
The planes fire away, which only seems to make Godzilla mad. Daiyo and the others are able to escape. Yata and Yoshimura head off to try and rescue the slaves.  The jets are easily defeated and Godzilla heads for the base.

They fire everything they have at him.  Despite their best efforts, Godzilla overwhelms them and begins smashing up the base. The military guys prepare to abandon the base. They set the self-destruct for a nuclear blast. The also grab the latest batch of fake potion the slaves have made and head for the boats. Yata and Yoshimura are able to free the slaves but the buildings are crashing down around them.

** Break
** Tom and Crow try to summon Mothra and it works.

The bad guys all board their boat and shove off. The giant lobster appears and quickly smashes the ship. Godzilla sees this and a rematch begins. The islanders prepare a net so Mothra can carry them away. The others try to disable the self destruct mechanism but it blocked by debris.
The lobster pulls Godzilla underwater and looks to have the upper claw but Godzilla fights back and breaks both claws off of the colossal prawn.
Meanwhile, Mothra awakens and flies off to rescue everyone.

Godzilla thinks he is another challenger and tries start a fight. Mothra swats him away with his giant wings and swoops down and picks up the net with everyone in it. They fly away to safety as Godzilla jumps into the ocean just as the island explodes.

** Joel and the bots talk about mistaken movie lines and also show some entries in the “what were they looking at out the window” contest. Dr F gets really sarcastic with them and they complain about it. Frank thinks maybe they could take on a less hostile posture in the future. That’s not going to happen.

Akira Takarada appeared in six different Godzilla movies.

Kumi Mizuno appeared in many creature features in the 1960’s and 70’s. image

Best Riffs

## Looks like Morton Downey, Jr., doesn’t he?

## Could one of you guys get me a magazine? I’m gonna be here a while.

## “It’s Hayley Mills, and Hayley Mills in– The Mothra Trap!”

## “This better be good!”

This movie is not nearly as fun as the last but the riffs are solid none the less.
3 out of 5

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