Episode 302

Episode 302

** Tom is helping Joel and Crow vocally limber up for the experiment. Joel invents a Tupperware bowl for the endless salad bar. Frank invents a vacuum to clean bird cages. It doesn’t work quite right.

Some scientist arrive at an Eskimo village in the artic. They see a group of unknown planes fly over them. A nearby research ship also sees them. The American military is alerted and they send out two fighter jets to intercept. They shoot down one of the planes and it causes a great explosion when it hits the ice. The ice in the area begins to break apart and out crawls a giant turtle, Gamera!
He sets his sights on the research vessel and wait, what’s this, he can shoot flames from his mouth.

The boat is able to get off one last message about the attack which the US military picks up. They send out more fighters but are unable to find the ship or the turtle.
Dr Hidaka and his daughter Katherine are the only two scientists to survive along with their camera man Alex. They let the world know about Gamera. Alex tells Katherine he is extremely fond of her.
In Tokyo, a little boy named Kenny is obsessed with turtles. He draws pictures of them and he even has a small one named Tibby as a pet. But Kenny has been neglecting his school work so his father tells him to get rid of the turtle. Kenny lets it go in the ocean.

** Break
** Tom sings a song about Tibby. Crow is not impressed.

Kenny hears a noise behind him, it’s Gamera. His parents come our to see what’s all the ruckus. Kenny somehow ends up on a lighthouse near Gamera. He smashes it and Kenny falls towards the ground. Gamera catches him and sets him down by his parents. Everyone is thrilled that Gamera has a good heart.
Dr Hidaka gets a call that Gamera has been sighted nearing Tokyo but has vanished again. He and his daughter make plans to head there.
Kenny sneaks out of his house at night and looks for Tibby. He finds him hiding in the rocks along the shore. He plans to visit him the next day.
Gamera is finally caught sight of near the geothermal power plant. Dr Hidaka has a plan to try and stop Gamera. They use the 10,000 volts from the power plant to shock him. It doesn’t work. Turns out it just recharges him, like a battery. The military fires away at him but Gamera just tears up the place.

Dr Hidaka (Eiji Funakoshi) consults a colleague and they determine nuclear weapons would be useless again Gamera. The military has a new weapon that can freeze things. They decide to give it a try but it will only freeze him for 10 minutes so they need to catch him or something during that time. Gamera starts climbing a nearby hill as the weapon is readied.

** Break
** Crow and Tom are practicing voodoo on a Jim Varney doll and are pretending it’s Kenny.

Joel catches them and makes them try to think of something positive about Kenny. Crow has a lot of trouble so Joel gives him a time out. Tom announces the “Kenny, what gives?” contest.

The planes fly over and drop the freeze bombs. The freeze works and Gamera is stuck on top of the hill. They quickly detonate some explosives under him. Gamera flips over and slides down the hillside. He’s stuck upside down and everyone rejoices since turtles can’t turn themselves over. But Gamera still has a few tricks up his carapace. He pulls his arms and head inside his shell. Flames start to come out and he begins to spin and fly away.

Meanwhile back with Kenny, he starts collecting rocks. He is going to use them to build Gamera and Tibby a house. He and his mother go and visit Dr Hidaka and Katherine in Tokyo. Gamera seems to be in hiding. Kenny thinks he must be lonely and that deep down he must be good. Later a school mate throws Kenny’s stones in the river. Of course this enormously upsets him.
Some unusual tides cause flooding in Tokyo and the marinelife in the area seems to have disappeared. Dr Hidaka thinks Gamera is the cause of it. A conference is convened with the world’s leading scientists to try and decide what to do. They recommend implementing “Z Plan”. It’s some sort of American, Soviet and Japanese research thingamajig on an island.
At long last, Gamera returns and starts tearing up Tokyo. He smashes buildings and shoots flames all over the place. It seems Kenny was wrong about Gamera after all. Kenny makes a wish that Gamera will not do anything bad. With Tokyo being evacuated, Kenny is able to slip away from his mother. Hmm, wonder where he’s going.
The scientist need 24 hours to get Z Plan ready. Gamera is busy eating flames at a coal plant. It decided to keep him there until they are ready. They send rail cars full of fuel to keep they fires going. Guess who hitches a ride on the train. If you guessed Kenny, you’re right. The tanker cars are pushed in with Kenny on board. One of the workers spots him and tries to rescue him. The tanker explodes, killing Kenny. Wait, no it doesn’t. They both walk away just fine. The workers tell Kenny to go home. Again, this enormously upsets him.

Z Plan is ready. Now they must get Gamera to the island. Dr Hidaka and Katherine head there. Unfortunately Alex isn’t able to come along. This enormously upsets him. Kenny meanwhile hides inside a cargo ship bound for the island.

** Break
** Tom, Crow and Gypsy are in a beauty salon when Gamera shows up. He’s doing some laundry and wants to borrow a dryer sheet.

The bots ask him a few questions but he gets a phone call from Godzilla. They got a movie deal they are working on. He leaves them with some advice – Keep your shell in the sun and always keep reaching for the stars.

Kenny gets to the island and is easily found. Katherine takes him away and gives him a good thrashing. Or at least that what she should have done. Instead she just has him sit down.
To lure Gamera to the island, they spill fuel on the ocean and light it on fire. Sure enough, Gamera goes for it.

Just to throw a wrench into things, a typhoon is head for the area. The winds pick up and put out the flames. No flames, no Gamera. He starts to head back to the island. One of the workers grabs a gas can and lights a building on fire. Can you guess who that worker is? It’s Alex. He snuck onto the island. The fire gets Gamera’s attention and he makes a beeline for it but the storm blows it out too. Just when it looks hopeless, the volcano on the island starts to erupt. Gamera most definitely likes that.
The scene shifts to later. The storm is gone and the volcano has stopped erupting. Inside the facility on the islands everyone is ready to start Z Plan. A few small flames are lit and Gamera moves towards them. When he is in the right position they trap him inside a dome. It’s actually the top of a rocket. The rocket is launched and Gamera is on his way to Mars. Everyone is seriously happy, even Kenny.

** Tom gives some not so serious info about some of the actors in the film. Joel’s happy the film was not so bad. Dr Forrester is annoyed about that.

Eiji Funakoshi stared in the 1959 Japanese classic  Fires on the Plain

Best Riffs

## “Look! Gamera is turning!”
He’s turning Japanese! I really think so!

## Crow: Hey, Joel, does this remind you of anything?
Tom: “In the not to distant future”

I’m not a big fan of this episode. The host segments were really good, especially when Gamera visited the ship, but the movie was not much fun for me. 2 out of 5

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