Episode 310

Fugitive Alien

** Joel is pretending to be a farmer. He’s turned Tom and Crow into chickens and Gypsy into a cow.
The Mads invention is an eye, ear, nose and throat medicine dropper all combined into one. Joel made a musical chair. Frank and Dr Forrester have a special guest to introduce the movie, it’s Jack Perkins.

A huge number of alien spacecraft from the planet Valnastar arrive at earth and begin attacking. They intend on wiping out all of the humans on the planet. The aliens run around zapping people with their ray guns. It looks like they will have no problem killing everyone.
One of the aliens is named Ken. He and his partner are taking down one human after another until Ken sees a little boy. He just can’t shoot him. When the boy’s mother comes running up, Ken really can’t shoot them now. His partner tries to but Ken stops him. Ken tells him not to kill women and children. The two begin to scuffle and Ken accidentally kills him. Some of the other Valna see this and call Ken a traitor. They start firing at him as Ken runs away. Though he is wounded, he makes it back to his ship and takes off. The lead alien signals Ken that he will never be allowed to return to Valnastar.

Ken (Tatsuya Azuma) is able to escape but his ship is malfunctioning. He sees an unknown spacecraft in the area. He decides to bail out of his ship and sets it to self destruct. He makes if clear of the ship before it explodes. Luckily the other ship spots him and brings him on board. The ship is a earth ship called Bacchus 3.

Just as Ken is waking up, the crew gets a call from Earth about the attack. Ken starts to fight the crew figuring they know he is a wolf raider from Valnastar and will kill him. Joe, the captain, is able to subdue Ken. Suddenly the Valnastar ships come into the area. The Bacchus crew prepare to defend themselves. Ken tells them to change course but it’s to late. The Valna have spotted them and prepare to attack.

** Break
** Joel and the bots have a hat party complete with a hat that makes Joel look like Frank. Crow wears one the that makes fun of Dr Forrester. Frank and Dr Forrester are really ticked off but Jack Perkins thought it was delightful.

Ken slugs the pilot and takes over the controls. He does some fancy flying and is able get the ship into an asteroid field. Once in there, the Valna call off the attack. Ken looks pretty pleased with himself but Joe lays him out for punching one of his crew members.
With the danger passed, the ship returns to earth. The crew disembark with Ken as a prisoner. He is still out cold from Joe’s heavy fist and a tranquilizer. They take him to the medical staff to look him over.
Meanwhile Captain Joe realizes his home was attacked by the Valna. He rushes home and finds his daughter has been killed and his wife in really bad shape.

So bad in fact she dies soon after he arrives.
Ken wakes up and is able to escape from the medical building he was in. He decides to try and steal a spacecraft so he can get off of earth. Not sure where he plans on going, but he finds the Bacchus 3 and gets on board. Wouldn’t you know it Captain Joe is already there. He has figured out that Ken is a Valna raider. He confronts him about the killing of his wife and child. Ken tells him the story about the kid and the mom and his buddy, but you know all of that.
Joe was planning on retiring after the last flight but since his family is gone he changes his mind. He asks Ken to be a part of his crew seeing how he is stuck here. Ken agrees but Joe warns him he will be watching him closely.
The Valnastar fleet returns to their home planet. The fleet commander, Lord Halkon, summons Ken’s girlfriend, Rita.

She also just happens to be the sister of the guy Ken killed back in the beginning of the movie. Halkon tells her she must avenge her brother’s death. He orders her to hunt him down and kill him. While running through a desert for some reason, Rita has a little hallucination of Ken.
Back on earth, Captain Joe has been given a new assignment. He is to fly to the planet Karara and help them fight off an invasion by the Valna and Caesarens. At this point Joe has a little flashback about his family.
Ken, after doing a little running, lays down in a field to take break. Ken has his own little flashback about Rita.

** Break
** Joel has Tom and Crow dressed up to look like Ken while he is Capt Joe. He goes a little crazy and punches both of them.

Ken sits up and Tammy, the morale officer from the ships walks over to him. Tammy seems to be a bit smitten with Ken. She asks about Rita and Ken tells her to back off.
The captain, whose seems more and more drunk, gives the crew a briefing on the mission and informs them that Ken is now part of the crew. They all seem a little upset with this at first but, eventually agree. Except for Rocky, the pilot, that is. That night while Ken is out walking around the spaceship, a large forklift comes at him. Ken runs but the lift is right behind him. He is trapped against a shipping container. Ken grabs the forks and slowly pushes the lift backwards, showing his strength the Valna are know for.

He chases after the driver. When he catches him he realizes it’s Rocky. They scuffle for a while before Joe finds them. Rocky tells Joe that Ken is a Valna Wolf-Raider. Joe tells him he is wrong and that Ken is so strong because he spent time in another galaxy. Rocky storms off. Maybe he doesn’t want to be on the crew.
Sometime later later, Joe visits the grave of his wife and daughter. Ken watches him from behind a tree.
The next day the crew meet for a farewell toast but Rocky isn’t there. He shows up after the toast wanting to be on the crew after all. Then the Bacchus 3 takes off, heading for adventure.
The ship lands on Karara but they don’t seem to eager to see them. Joe and Rocky leave the ship to meet with the Lord of Karara. After they leave, Ken slips away to do a little recon. He makes it to a small village where everyone is dressed as Arabs. He strolls around until he finds a bar. Wouldn’t you know it he gets into a bar fight and accidentally kills a Karara guard. He seems to accidentally kill a lot of people. After a brief chase they apprehend Ken. Joe is made aware for Ken’s capture. They throw Ken in a cell and he is to be executed later.
Joe and the Kararan leader successfully negotiate a deal. Bacchus 3 will help Karara defend themselves from their enemies. Now Joe has to get Ken out of jail.
At night, Joe contacts Ken through a radio hiden in Ken’s spacesuit. Ken needs to find a Caesaren office in another jail cell. Turns out Ken’s spacesuit has a few other things in it. Like an explosive device.

** Break
** Crow and Tom are really confused by the movie. Joel tries to explain how a plot works but the bots still seem to stumble with the idea. Frank and Dr Forrester are trying to figure it out as well, when Jack Perkins comes to help.

Ken uses one of the little explosive buttons from his suit to break out of his cell. He finds the officer and breaks him out. Ken and the officer battle their way out of the jail. They are injured pretty badly in the escape and are found by one of the Arab villagers. Ken awakens to find not some Arab type person but it’s actually his girlfriend Rita. He tells her the story from scene one and she believes him but she knows she must kill him anyway. She raises her gun but she can’t bring herself to kill the man she loves. She drops her gun and embraces Ken. He tells her it will never work between them. He grabs the gun and fires but not at Rita. He shoots two Kararan guards that were sneaking up behind her. Unfortunately for Rita, one of the shots broke off a tree limb and it hit her in the head, killing her.

That’s three accidental deaths by Ken now.
Ken and the officer eventually find Bacchus 3, much to the delight of Tammy (Miyuki Tanigawa). The ship takes off and then……..

** Joel shows Tom and Crow what some of the buttons on his spacesuit do. One is for portion control. Dr Forrester and Frank have decided to genetically modify Jack Perkins. They start by cutting of his head.

Tatsuya Azuma and Miyuki Tanigawa are know just for this movie and its sequel


Joe Shishido underwent cheek augmentation surgery in 1957 in an attempt to become more ruggedly handsome. He has been in more than 300 films in his career.

Best Riffs
## “Watch the steno-pool go wild for his vinyl.

## Everybody run! Tammy’s got a Gun!

## Fisher-Price phone, sir.

This one is a bit tuff to decide. The movie is pretty bad but it’s pieced together from a TV show so that doesn’t help. The plot is down right ridiculous but the riffs and host segments are good. I give it 3 out of 5.

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