Episode 314

Mighty Jack

** There seems to be some sort of emergency on the ship. Lights are flashing and Joel and the bots are a mess. Joel passes out and Tom and Crow aren’t sure what to do. Turns out it was just a hoax. Dr Forrester and Frank invented formal flippers for the secret agent on the go. Joel invents ear muffs that look like ears.

A narrator explains that an organization know as “Q” is trying to take over the world. In response the United Nations formed a special group called Mighty Jack to stop them.
In Paris, Harold Atari finishes off his drink then leaves the bar and starts driving away. Down the road, two police officers stop his car. Suddenly a helicopter with a hugh net scoops up his car. A voice comes over Mr Atari’s radio and tells him there is no escape and to just relax. It appears Q has kidnapped him.
Colonel Yabooki’s secretary tells him about the kidnapping so he contacts Mighty Jack to help locate Mr Atari. Atari is unaware he has a transponder in his suit. Hopefully he will find it and activate it so they can find him. Sure enough he finds it and starts sending the signal. An odd looking airplane is flying around trying to pick it up. Just as they start receiving the signal another odd looking plane starts firing at it. The first plane goes into a steep dive and goes into the ocean. It’s also a submarine.

Meanwhile on a nearby ship, they are also listen for the signal. They hear it and figure our where it’s coming from. The bad guys, that’s Q, also hear the signal so they destroy the transmitter. So then the submarine plane flies back up and lands on some sort of giant aircraft carrier in the sky. Also a group of people people that I don’t have any idea who they are but have figured out where Atari us, put in a call to Mighty Jack.
Q starts questioning Atari. They put him inside a big cylinder that has really bright lights inside that can blind him. They ask him about Mighty Jack but he keeps his eyes closed and refuses to tell them anything. They turn up the lights to full brightness and he finally agrees to talk.

** Break
** Crow and Tom put together a commercial for Mighty Jack dog food.

The Colonel’s secretary is on the roof of her office building. She is sending a secret transmission to Q. Another lady over hears her. Later she visits the Colonel and tips him off to her treachery. She also find a listening device in his office.
Then we see the group from earlier who don’t seem to have any connection to anything. I still don’t know who they are but the are very distressed about the kidnapping.
Back on the submarine plane, a call comes in to Mighty Jack. It’s Q. They have a nuclear missile aimed at them. They are prepared to turn over Atari in exchange for Mighty Jack. Mighty Jack is not sure if they should, so Q says they will ask Yabooki what he thinks.
His secretary comes into his office with a gun and tells him to make the exchange. Then the other lady sticks a gun in her back.

The secretary drops her gun but takes off running. The other lady follows her to the roof again. Trapped, the secretary suddenly explodes. Q must of done it somehow.
So the subplane is near the island that Atari is being held on. One of the Mighty Jack crew scuba dives out to the island. He starts sneaking around the big house then calls back to the subplane about what he has seen. Another member of the team then swims over. The first guy finds Atari. The two wait in a room for the second guy to arrive.  Just as he does, Q starts pumping poison gas into the room. Second guy busts open the door and the three of them take. Before they leave they set off an explosive in the control room. They make it safely back to the subplane which turns back into a plane and takes off. Q starts firing a bunch of missiles at them. They fire back and drop a bunch of bombs on them.

More bombs. More explosions. Blah, blah. Mighty Jack wins but Q is able to escape.
Back at headquarters, the crew are all waiting on the subplane thing. Everyone is confused about who this Atari guy is. Just then in walks Yabooki and Atari. Turns out Atari is really a colonel and he is the new leader of Mighty Jack.

** Break
** Tom and Crow force Joel into a cylinder with really bright lights inside just like in the movie. They try to trick him into looking at the lights but he just keeps his eyes closed.

Sometime later, Atari gets a call from Yabooki. Q is back and they have destroyed an installation with some top secret government military thingy or whatever. Time for Mighty Jack to go to work.
They sail and fly to the artic and figure out where Q is. They are is some sort of iceberg. Divers are sent out and there are some torpedoes and lasers fired and one of the divers is hurt and they bring them back in.
Suddenly, we are back at Yabooki’s office. Atari is there and so is the secretary killing lady.

Yabooki gives them a report that Q has developed a type of ice that doesn’t melt. They must have infiltrated the government’s research center to figure out how to do it. Of course Q has the office bugged again and hears the whole thing.
A couple Q thugs go after Catherine, the lady from earlier, but some guy rescues her. She recognizes him as some sort of political writer. She eventually makes it back to Mighty Jack.
Next we see a coffee shop of sorts. A man walks in and the sales girl tries to help him. He is a reporter named Roberto and all the members of Mighty Jack are in the shop. He wants to write a story about them. Suddenly a shot is fired from a building across the street. It hits Roberto in the arm but otherwise everyone is okay. A couple of team members run to the building to try catch the shooter but he gets away. They find a bullet he left behind that is made of the same ice stuff.

They take it to Yabooki. Turns out Roberto is an agent of Q. They decide to go see the scientist that was working on the hot ice for the government. They are not sure if he is working for Q also. Atari and one of the other Mighty Jack guys go and see this scientist fellow. He tells them all of his research was stolen a while back but he doesn’t know who did it. They go and see another scientist. He also had his work stolen. Now they really need to find out who has been stealing all these papers.
Q of course has been spying on all this. They kidnaps Catherine. Then he sends a signal to one of his agents to get the first scientist. The agent is the scientist’s son. He kidnaps him.
Then we see Roberto with the coffee shop girl, Mary. The two of them head over to the scientist’s apartment.

** Break
** Turn out that Crow’s screen play, Earth vs Soup, is getting some attention in Hollywood so Joel tries to do a big pitch to some producers. He thinks it should be underwater but kind of gets carried away with with everything.

Roberto and Mary find some sort of mechanical device used for making the hot ice stuff. The agent that is also one of the scientist’s son comes in and takes the device from them at gun point.

Atari and company show up but just too late catch them. They find out where the device is being taken so they all head for the harbor.
Agent guy gets there first. He and another guy takes Catherine to Mighty Jack headquarters. There they are able to gain access to Mighty Jack’s special secret stuff so they freeze the subplane’s cooling system.  Meanwhile Atari confronts Roberto about being agent for Q. Roberto quickly kills himself by blowing himself up. Atari finds the kidnapped scientist and they free him. Are you confused yet?
A couple of the Mighty Jack crew get into a gun battle with the two agent guys. They kill one but the other tries to make a run for it. When they corner him guess what he does? That’s right he blows himself up.

Catherine informs Atari that Q is going to use the freeze weapon and destroy an island.
Now on the subplane, the crew finds Q at the iceberg. They prepare to blast them but the engine starts to overheat. The crew frantically work and get it to cool down then they start the attack. For several minutes we see rockets fired and we see a bunch of explosions as the iceberg takes hit after hit. Finally Q is defeated. Time for Mighty Jack to go home.

Joel and the bots sing a song called “Slow the Plot Down”, which sound a lot like “Blow the Man Down”. They each try to think of a scene they like from the movie but come up empty.

Dr Forrester is annoyed by them but Frank gets into the spirt.

Best Riffs
## Ah, here we are at PLOT RECOVERY….

## Open the Venetian blinds!

## She is a lean mean lime green fighting machine!

This movie was very hard to watch. It’s confusing, boring and none of the characters are interesting. The riffs were okay and the closing song is terrific. Never the less this was not one I want to see again. 1 out of 5

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