Episode 402

Joel has put Crow’s head on Tom’s body so now he has two heads like in the movie The Thing with Two Heads. 

They try to make the best of it but Joel decides it’s just not going to work. He takes both heads off and Tom notices he has a pretty nice backside. Joel and Crow think that’s a little weird. 

Down in Deep Thirteen, Frank informs them that Dr Forrester has died. Turns out he’s not so dead. 

Joel’s invention is a radio that only picks up channels from old sitcoms and movies. Dr Forrester and Frank invented the punching bag with Renaissance Fair characters on them. Frank really enjoyed punching them. 

The Giant Gila Monster

A voice over explains that no one knows how big a gila monster might grow to. We then see a couple parked in a car off in the woods near a small Texas town having a little snuggle time. Suddenly their car is shoved down an embankment. It tumbles to the bottom and we see a giant claw coming down. 

Next, a group of teens are dancing at a soda shop. A few more show up but one couple is missing. When one of the group thinks maybe their car broke down, Chase Winstead, a car mechanic, protests,  since he fixed it himself. Meanwhile in walks Old Man Harris for a little comic relief. The gang decides to head to the drive-in for a movie rather than wait for the other two. 

The next morning sheriff Jeff goes to the Wheeler household. It seems their son Pat and his girlfriend Liz did not come home last night. Mr Wheeler demands the sheriff find his son, though he doesn’t seem too worried about Liz. He also thinks Chase (Don Sullivan) is a bad influence on the other kids but the sheriff sets him straight about how good a guy Chase is.

Sheriff Jeff (Fred Graham) goes to talk to Chase at the garage.

 He hasn’t heard from Pat or Liz either but promises to tell the sheriff if he hears anything. The sheriff talks to Liz’s parents who are understandably worried but have confidence in the sheriff. There’s Old Man Harris again. 

Mr. Compton, who seems to have trouble speaking English, comes to chat with Chase. The phone rings. Since it’s a party line Chase listens in on the call and hears about an accident outside of town. Chase heads off to the accident scene and arrives before the sheriff. They find the car abandoned and blood on the upholstery. They can’t locate the driver. Chase notices some odd skid marks on the road. 

** Break 

** Joel converts some closet space into a soda shop like in the movie. Tom and Crow start giving him a hard time and Joel gets upset. Gypsy tries to help but accidentally knocks over the set. 

Mr. Compton drives the tow truck to the crash site. Along the way he passes a man carrying a suitcase. Then we get our first good look at the gila monster.

 Straight away it attacks the man leaving only his case behind. 

The sheriff has run the license plate from the wrecked car and found out it was stolen. Mr Compton hauls the car away while Chase and the sheriff head back to town. On the way Chase spots the suitcase from man that was eaten a little earlier. He stops to take a look. Pretty soon the sheriff stops and figuring someone lost it, he takes the suitcase with him. 

Chase stops by to check on his girlfriend, Lisa, who is from France and is taking care of some cranky old guy. She is worried she may get sent home but Chase assures her everything will be alright. 

The next day, Chase is out driving the tow truck when he finds a car stuck in a ditch. 

The driver is drunk and says his name is Horatio Alger Smith. His car is not drivable so Chase tows it to his shop. While the man sleeps it off, Chase starts fixing his car and at the same time singing a little tune. Mr Smith wakes up and pays Chase for towing and fixing his car. He also gives him his business card. Turns out he is “Steamroller” Smith, a famous disc jockey.  

The next day the sheriff stops by and asks Chase if he and his friends can help him help try to find the missing couple. 

Chase and company drive around all the back roads in search of the AWOL youngsters. He and Lisa walk into a ravine that looks a lot like the one we saw at the beginning of the film. Sure enough the lizard is there. Before they see it, they hear a car horn honking. 

It’s one of their friends and they’ve spotted the car but no one is in it.

** Break 

** Joel and the bots portray their favorite drunks like Old Man Harris from the movie. Crow is the guy that calls you at 3 am to tell you how much he loves you. He caries it a little too far. Tom is the New Years Eve drunk but he has a heart attack. Gypsy comes out and gives Joel a big kiss and gets lip stick all over his face. The whole thing kind of slips into an after school special.

They get the tow truck and haul the car out of the ravine. They bring it to the garage and the sheriff shows up. He asks a few questions then takes off to tell Mr Wheeler. 

Later, Mr Compton is driving a fuel truck when the gila monster attacks. The truck bursts into flames. 

Back home, Chase starts to walk into the living room when his mother stops him. She escorts him into the room where his little sister Missy is standing. She apparently has polio and has new leg braces on that Lisa bought for her. She tries to walk but can only take a few steps. Chase is absolutely thrilled for her. He grabs a banjo and sings her a little song. 

It’s bedtime for Missy, then the phone rings. The sheriff says Mr Compton is missing. Chase hurries to rendezvous with the sheriff. Old Man Harris is with him. The sheriff has a flat tire so they take Chase’s hotrod to where Old Man Harris (Shug Fisher) says the truck is located. The truck is burnt to a crisp but Mr Compton is not in it. They start searching the area for him but can’t find him. The sheriff tells Chase that a lot of livestock has gone missing. And now several people are missing. The mystery deepens. 

The next day, some friends of Chase hear on the radio that Steamroller Smith is going to be in town to spin a few tunes. Seems Chase had a little something to do with it. 

Old Man Harris is out driving and drinking. 

He sees a train coming and races to get across the track before the train stops him. He just makes it. The train continues on but the gila monster is nearby. It damages the tressel up ahead and causes the train to derail. Lunch time. Old Man Harris sees the giant beast but can’t believe his eyes. He reports the accident to the sheriff but since he is drunk the sheriff is not sure what to make of it. He notifies the state authorities to investigate. He puts Old Man Harris in the drunk tank. 

Chase is getting ready for a night out with Lisa. Again the phone rings. 

Again the sheriff needs his help. On his way to town he drops his sister off at a friend’s house. 

Seems the sheriff has been doing a little research. A zoologist told him how a gila monster might be able to grow to a huge size. With Harris telling him about what he saw and now some of the train wreck survivors also seeing it, he’s starting to think it might be true. He tells Chase to keep it all quiet for now and go have fun at the big shindig. 

** Break 

** It’s Servo On Cinema.

 Tom tries to explain some of the blocking techniques the director used in the film. Joel and Crow interrupt him sveral times before Cambot shows a montages of images from the film. All of the actors have their legs up on something.  Afterwards Joel and Crow have their legs up on the desk. 

Chase and all the kids in town are at a barn and ready to dance. Steamroller Smith comes in and the place is a rockin’. 

Mr Wheeler goes to see the sheriff. He’s still doesn’t like Chase and asks about the giant lizard story that’s going around. The sheriff still isn’t sure what to make of if but Mr Wheeler believes it. He also noticed that the tires on his sons car are missing and Chase has some new ones on his car. He demands the sheriff arrest Chase for theft. He even follows him to make sure he does. 

At the big party, Steamroller gets Chase to get up and sing a song. Just about then, Sheriff Jeff arrives and so does the gila monster. Just as Chase finishes singing the mighty lizard comes crashing through a wall. Everyone runs outside and the sheriff fires off a few rounds at it. The lizard crawls away. Chase and Lisa drive over to his storage shed where he retrieves some jars of nitroglycerin. 

As they head back to town they notice the gila monster has crawled through a field and right into the house that Missy is at. He follows the path the monster made and sees his sister. Lisa hops out of the car and grabs on to Missy while Chase continues on towards the beast. At the last moment he leaps from the car and it slams into critter. The car explodes, killing the brute. 

The sheriff and Mr Wheeler show up. Mr Wheeler realizes how hard a job the sheriff has and what a good young man Chase is. 

** Joel and the bots have formed a band called “Hee-La”. They quickly realize that the whole thing is kind of lame. They read a couple of letters, one of which is from Frank. He is very happy but Dr Forrester clubs him with a mace.  

Don Sullivan starred in several B movies like this also in 1959 before leaving acting in the early 60’s.

Fred Graham acted in many westerns and also worked as a stunt double in over 150 films. 

Shug Fisher made 22 appearances on Gunsmoke in minor roles, and played Shorty Kellums in The Beverly Hillbillies 

## Best Riffs 

## And for killing that salesman, you get this Samsonite luggage. 

## Still got your knee up I see. 

## Chase – level with me. 

“Do you think I’m pretty? “

## Sieg Heil everybody, Sieg Heil. 

This movie is great if for nothing else but everyone putting their leg up on stuff. All around solid episode.  4 out of  5


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