Episode 403

City Limits

Tom and Crow are trying to remember what bunny rabbit was always trying to get Captain Kangaroo to say. When Joel tells them it was “ping-pong balls”, a ton if them start falling from the ceiling.

For the invention exchange Joel and the bots make stake versions of Mr Potato Head. The Mads invention is a Tupper Ware container for aging rock stars.

Their’s contain Morrissey and he complains about crying.

City Limits
“Fifteen years from now”

A group of young people ride up to a farm house on their motorcycles. The leader, Lee, starts walking towards the house when a shot rings out. Albert, the old man that owns the place, fired the shot. He eventually recognizes Lee and lets the gang into the house. A voice over from Albert explains that he has been taking care of Lee since the plague had killed his parents and most of the adults years ago. It had come time for Lee to go and find adventure but now he has brought the adventure home.

Next, we go back in time to just as Lee is heading out in search of that adventure. After a brief encounter with a young lady,

he heads for the city so he can become a “Clipper”, a biker gang of young people in the city.

When he makes it to the city, he follows a couple of delivery trucks to a warehouse area. He goes through the gate and is immediately surrounded by workers. Before they can grab him he takes off back through the gate. One of the men, Bolo, calls the boss to inform him of the security breach.

Having escaped from one problem, Lee rides into another.

He sees three bikes on a deserted street. Thinking they might be the Clippers, he rides towards them. Quickly he discovers they are not when they start attacking him. Lee rides away and some more bikers give chase. He makes a turn down a road when his pursuers stop. Suddenly more bikers show up from the other direction. It’s the Clippers, but they are not thrilled to see him. They tell him to go home, they don’t need him.

Lee starts to head back being escorted by Yogi, a girl from the Clippers. They run into the others bikers again who claim Lee killed one of their members. A fight breaks out and Lee and Yogi kick ass then high tail it back to thearth Clippers’ hide out.

Yogi tells the leader, Mick, that Lee killed one of the DAs. Lee tries to explain but Mick calls for a meeting.

** Break

** Crow sings a song to Kim Cattrall and then tries to do a scene from the movie Mannequin but that doesn’t go so well.

Mick explains to Lee that the two gangs have a truce. They have split up Los Angeles and have agreed to leave each other alone. No guns and no killing. Since the DAs  think Lee killed one of their members, they have to give Lee over to them so all things are equal. Mick gets an idea from a comic book and tells one of is guys to go and get Ray, the leader of the DAs.

Ray shows up and Mick tells him of his idea. Lee verses one of the DAs. If Lee wins he becomes a Clipper but if he loses he has to go with the DAs. Ray likes the idea and leaves to get his pick for the fight.

Next we see Ray at the warehouse talking to Bolo.

It seems the two have a working relationship. Bolo and his boss Mr Carver want to gain control of the whole city. Ray tells him about the contest, so Bolo plans to send Wickings to see if she can persuade the Clippers to join up with their organization. Ray is sure they will come around.

The next day, Mick, Yogi, Lee and a few others ride into the DAs territory for the big battle. Ray introduces Wickings to them. She tells them that the Sonya corporation was hired by the federal government to restore power and health services to the city. Mick is not buying into it and cuts her off. It’s time for the big fight.

Lee (John Stockwell) gets on his motorcycle with a jousting stick and his opponent, a girl, on her bike. They ride at each other and Lee starts getting his ass handed to him. Just when he looks to be done for he does a jump kick and knocks her off her bike and wins the match. All the Clippers celebrate.

Later back at Sonya’s warehouse, Wickings is trying to convince Bolo and Carver that they need to give the Clippers more time to join up with them. Bolo does not agree. Carver tells her to get on board, get out of the way or get crushed.

Whitey, Mick’s second in command, has snuck into the warehouse and is hiding in the rafters when Ray comes to see Bolo again. Bolo is ticked off that the Clippers haven’t joined up. He shows Ray a couple of guns and Whitey slips and almost falls. Alerted to his presence, the warehouse guys grab him and bring him to Bolo. Bolo is done playing around so he shoots Whitey dead. Wickings hears the gun shot and realizes it’s too late to get out of the way.

Later, the Clippers discover Whitey’s body. Mick has a bunch of flash backs to earlier times with Whitey (John Diehl) as he grieves for his friend.

Wickings sends a notice to the government about the events. The response she gets tells her that Bolo and Carver are free to use whatever means necessary to gain control of the city. Bolo tells her to stay in her quarters from now on.

** Break

** Tom and Crow are looking at their comic books. Joel suggest they think of some new superheroes. Their ideas are a little underwhelming.

Stuck in her room, Wickings finds a copy of the sewer blueprint. She uses it to escape the facility. Meanwhile, Ray begs Bolo to give him another chance to get the Clippers to get in line. Bolo tells him they had better or they are all dead.

The Clippers hold a funeral pyre for Whitey. The DAs show up and a fight ensues. Bolo and his men are watching this and they start firing into the crowd. Wickings makes it to the area just as the shooting starts. Several of the gang members are killed and Mick is wounded but he, Yogi, Lee and Wickings are able to escape. Most of the other surviving members are captured.

Mick and Lee set about stealing bikes and guns to prepare for a battle with Sonya’s men but they can’t find any ammo. They do find a couple of wayward Clippers along the way. Mick sends one if them, Ernie (Dean Devlin), to locate Ray (Danny De La Paz) for a meeting.

Ray and Mick meet up and Ray tries to convince him to give up. Just then Bolo and a couple of goons show up with Ernie. Seems Ernie, told them were to find Mick. Bolo tells Ray to take Ernie back to the warehouse. While Bolo and his men start beating the crap out of Mick, Ray decides it time to do something. He knock Ernie off of their bike killing him.

Bolo continues to beat on Mick (Darrell Larson) trying to find out where Wickings is. Suddenly the rest of the Clippers attack them and rescue Mick. The group rides through the night and end up back at the start of the movie where Albert (James Earl Jones) fires a shot at them.

The next day the gang is hanging around the farm. Yogi is trying to fix her bike but is having trouble. Lee shows her some old bikes that Albert has in the barn. One of the gang starts riding one of them. Mick then decides he is ready to leave. Yogi asks him where they are going but Lee tells her she isn’t coming. He wants to go on his own. This really hurts Yogi so she runs off. Lee decks Mick for being an asshole. Later that night Wickings (Kim Cattrall) goes to see Lee. She says she is planning on heading back east on her own so Lee decks her too. Wait, no he doesn’t, he starts making out with her.

** Break

** Joel and the bots and still thinking of some not so super heroes.

The next morning, Lee starts working on reinforcing his bike in order to head back to LA and get back at Sonya. The other gang members all decide to join in so of course that means it’s montage time. When the montage ends they all start riding their newly modified bikes back to the city followed by Albert in his 1950’s Cadillac.

They crash the gate and split up. Wickings and another guy start to sneak in through the sewer while Lee tracks down all the other Clippers members and frees them. The Sonya workers all take off running.

Lee and Yogi eventually run into Ray and all of the DAs. They all join together to fight the man. Albert gets out of the Cadillac and Lee takes it from there. Albert has some sort of remote control thing that we eventually will get to see what it does I guess.

Wickings and her partner shut off the power and all the bikes come streaming into the compound which I kind of thought they were already in but I suppose not. Lots of fighting ensues with the good guys having the advantage in the darkened compound. Bolo sneaks up on Wickings and turns the lights back on. Now the bad guys start using a machine gun on the heroes.

There’s gun fire everywhere when all of the sudden a model airplane comes flying in, crashes into the machine gunner and it explodes. Albert is controlling a whole squadron of the planes. They begin crashing into the bad guys. Bolo (Norbert Weisser) gets distracted by the explosions which enables Wickings to escape. Then one of the planes crashes into Bolo, killing him.

With the rest of the bad guys on the run, Lee, Wickings, Yogi (Rae Dawn Chong) and Mick start looking for Carver (Robby Benson). They find him just sitting in his office. He tells them it’s a waste of their time to kill him since someone just like him will come along. Out of nowhere, Ray comes riding in on his motorcycle and crushes Carver between his desk and the wall.

The Clippers and the DAs joined forces and Wickings helped them get the government’s approval to run the city. Albert went back home to his farm.

** Joel and the bots are playing a trivia game about the movie but seeing how the movie was so forgettable Tom and Crow can’t remember anything about it. Morrissey is pestering Dr Forrester about crying so Frank has to put him down. Dr F pushes the button this time.

Darrell Larson had a prominent role in the 1984 film Mike’s Murder.

John Stockwell starred in John Carpenter’s Christine. He also played Cougar in Top Gun.

Kim Cattrall is best known for her role as Samantha Jones in Sex and the City, winning the 2002 Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress.

Rae Dawn Chong won the Genie Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in Quest for Fire. She had other notable roles in The Color Purple and Commando.

John Diehl played Pvt. Cruiser in Stripes and Detective Larry Zito in Miami Vice.

Danny De La Paz had small roles in 8 Million Ways to Die and Miracle Mile.

Norbert Weisser appeared in Midnight Express, Twilight Zone: The Movie, Three Amigos and The Rocketeer.

Dean Devlin stopped acting and began writing scripts, with his first being Universal Soldier. He later produced Independence Day, Godzilla and The Patriot.

Robby Benson starred as the voice of Beast in the animated Disney film Beauty and the Beast

James Earl Jones has one of the best-known voices in show business, has won many awards, including a Tony Award and Golden Globe Award and is the voice of Darth Vader in the Star Wars films.

## Best Riffs
## Surely you joust

## Hey! You’re Kim Cattrall

## Boy..it was windy last night! The Cows stuck right to the barn!

## Luke..I am your Father

This movie was so dull but the episode is solid. 3 out of 5


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