Episode 404

Teenagers From Outer Space

Joel is trying to get the bots to stop saying “ABC Mystery Movie” every time they see a flashlight during the movie. He gives them electro shocks when they do. Tom tricks Joel into saying it and Joel is forced to give himself a jolt.

Tom and Crow’s invention is the scratch and sniff report card. Dr Forrester and Frank are sure that ventriloquism is going to be the next entertainment boom so they converted a bunch of Resusci Annie dolls into dummies. When theirs stops working they have to perform CPR on it.


A small black dog runs across a rocky valley and starts barking at a spaceship that has landed there. The top of the ship opens and one of the aliens shoots the dog with some sort of ray gun which instantly turns it into nothing but a skeleton. 

One by one the aliens emerge from the ship with various test equipment. One of the crew, Derek, looks wistfully at the remains of the dog before starting his testing. Each member reports on their findings to the Captain. Derek notices that the dog had an ID tag. He picks it up and proclaims there is intelligent life on the planet. Thor, who vaporized the dog, scoffs at Derek. Thor seems to like killing things.

The Captain orders a crew member to bring out the Gargon, a lobster like creature, to see how it responds to earth’s atmosphere, but Derek (David Love) whips out his own ray gun and demands they leave the planet. It turns out Derek is not happy with more than just the planet. He criticizes their entire way of life, from living in cubicles, to killing off the old, to abandonment of family and friends. He is just not having it anymore. He read about how their home planet was much different before in a small book he is carrying. When the Captain ask to see book, he pulls the old switch-a-roo and grabs the guns from Derek. The Captain tells Derek he will be subject to torture when they get home. He also reminds him they are the superior race so all other life is beneath them.

They need the planet to raise the Gargon, which is a source of food for them. While Thor keeps watch on Derek they check how the Gargon is doing. 

It seems to be doing just fine. The Captain decides to contact the leaders of their plant with the great news. Suddenly the Gargon is not doing so good. Well crap I guess this planet simply will not do after all. They get ready to leave. Of course this means that Derek still get in trouble for his actions. With everyone preparing to leave, Derek is able to get away and takes off running. Thor wants to shoot Derek of course but the Captain stops him. He informs him that Derek is the Leader’s son, though Derek is unaware of it.

Just as suddenly as before, the Gargon begins to thrive. So I guess this planet is suitable after all. The captain decides to send trigger happy Thor after Derek while the rest of the crew head back to retrieve more Gargon.

Derek makes it into the nearby town. A gas station attendant tells him what the dog tag says. The dog’s name was Sparky and the address is just a few blocks away. Meanwhile, Thor gets a ride into town from one of the friendly towns folk.

Derek finds his way to the address on the tag. There he meets Betty and her grandfather Joe.

 It just so happens they have a room for rent. Looks like Derek has found himself a place to stay.

Thor starts quizzing the driver about how the car works. The man is a little stunned by all of his questions but still shows him the basics.

** Break

** Joel and the bots use how Derek was able to rent the room in the movie to show the difference between reel life and real life.

Betty (Dawn Bender) convinces Grandpa Joe to let Derek stay for free until he can get a job, seeing how he is new in town.  They even let him use some of Betty’s brother’s clothes since he is married now and living elsewhere. 

Just then Joe, Betty’s boyfriend honks his car horn out front. Betty hurries out to see him but he has bad news. He can’t make their swim date on account of his job. He works for the newspaper and has to go interview some people about a flying saucer they saw earlier. Joe drives away but Betty still wants to go swimming.

Thor and his ride are getting some gas at the same station Derek was at earlier. When the attendant notices that Thor has the same outfit as Derek, he mentions it to him. Thor demands to know where Derek went to. 

He grabs the attendant then pulls his gun on him. He gets the information, and then shots both of them, turning them into skeletons.

Betty and Derek drive over to her friend Alice’s home. As they head for the door, Derek tries to tell Betty about her dog but can’t seem to get the words out. Alice is already in her pool when Derek and Betty walk up. Derek drops Sparky’s ID tag into the pool. Alice retrieves it, gives it to Betty and finally Derek tells her about Sparky. Betty wants to see for herself what happened to her dog.

Grandpa Joe is watering some plants when Thor pulls up. Gramps tells him Derek is over at Alice’s place.

Betty and Derek arrive at the spaceship landing site. Derek shows her Sparky’s bones but she just can’t believe it. Derek does his best to explain things to her.

Thor walks in on Alice, still swimming in her pool. He demands to know where the others went. Alice doesn’t care for his attitude so she starts to swim away. Thor vaporizes her.

Betty and Derek head over to the college to see Professor Simpson. They leave a note for grandpa. Joe calls the house looking for Betty. He is at the gas station looking into the events from earlier so he won’t be able to pick up Betty for a while.

Thor gets back to the house and sure enough, grandpa tells him where they were headed.

At the college the series of just missing each other continues. Professor Simpson has not arrived yet so our two heroes decide to wait for him in the faculty parking lot. As they leave the professor comes in the other door. Just after that, Thor shows up. A janitor points out the professor’s office. Betty and Derek see the professor’s car and head back to his office.

Thor gets there first. He makes his usual demands and when the befuddled old man tries to call the police, Thor (Bryan Grant) can’t help but scorch him. For some reason he climbs out the window and keeps looking for Derek.

Betty and Derek get back to the office but discover what’s left of the instructor. 

Derek realizes that someone from the ship is looking for him. Betty realizes that grandpa maybe in danger. They rush to a payphone and call him. He tells them about the other man and Betty tells him to get out of the house right away. Grandpa hangs up and sees Thor pull out in front of the house. Thor bursts in with his gun drawn ready for some blasting but gramps has snuck out the back. Meanwhile Betty and Derek head for city hall. Thor finds gramps (Harvey B. Dunn) and makes him drive to city hall.

** Break

** Joel and the bots jettison some snacks out into space and try to get them into a trash bin they have set up

Betty and Derek make it to city hall but Thor gets there just after. Several police detectives get into a gun battle with Thor and his ray gun and two of them get vaporized. Eventually Thor takes one in the shoulder then he slips away. The detectives and Derek start looking for him.

About this time Joe shows up. He talks to Betty then goes to help grandpa. Derek comes back to city hall and tries to convince Betty to hide inside. Betty sees some blood on the sidewalk and then some on a car door. Oh no, its Thor.

 He makes Betty and Derek take him to a doctor to get the bullet removed.

Joe and grandpa can’t figure out what happened to Betty and Derek. The detectives come back, see the blood and put two and two together.

Back at the doctor’s home, Thor tries to keep watch on Derek and Betty while the doctor starts removing the bullet. Thor refuses anesthetic so he is in lots of pain. Derek asks him why he is trying to kill him. He tells him about the Gargon and also that Derek is the Leader’s son. The pain starts to get to Thor and he begins drifting in and out of consciousness. This lets Betty, Derek and the doctor escape. Thor stumbles around the looking for them before finally passing out in the front doorway.

The three escapees get to city hall again when the doctor remembers that his nurse is due to arrive at his home. He tries to call her there. She sees Thor lying on floor so she dresses his wound before she answers the phone. The doctor tells her high tail it out of there but Thor has awoken and forces her to take him for a drive.

Derek tells Betty about the Gargon, how big they will get and that more are coming. The only way to stop them is with Thor’s fancy ray gun.

Joe (Tom Graeff) and a detective go out to the spaceship landing site and have a gander at Sparky’s bones. They decide to take a look in the old cave.

Thor still has the nurse held hostage. He plans on going to the old cave and hold up there until the rest of the space “teenagers” arrive.

The cave is very dark so, Joe brings some flash bulbs for his camera to help see. Before he can, the detective is attacked and eaten by something. Just then Thor and the nurse arrive. He sees Joe and tries to fire a blast at him but the nurse swerves the car and Joe is able to get to his car and drive off. When the nurse refuses to follow Joe, Thor whacks her over the head and takes over the driving. Time for a car chase scene.

Thor is hot on Joe’s tail but starts having trouble with the pain again. The nurse awakens just in time to jump from the car as Thor loses consciousness and drives the car over a ridge. It tumbles to the bottom of the ravine seriously injuring him. Joe picks up the nurse and goes to warn everyone about the beast in the cave.

Later Betty and Derek head to the crash site. Derek wants to try and find the disintegrator ray gun so he can be the hero and get rid of the Gargon. He leaves Betty in the car and starts looking. Betty just can’t stay in the car so she wants to help him. She stumbles on the way down the slope. Derek catches her and they fall to the ground together. 

Betty finally figures out that Derek is an alien. He tells her about how crappy his home world is and that he will make earth his home, and then they share a passionate kiss before continuing the search. Oh no, it’s the Gargon. Betty runs to the car as Derek finds the gun, but it doesn’t work. He grabs a big rock and hurls it. Bull’s-eye! The Gargon backs off and Derek makes it to the car. He is going to have to find out how to get the gun to work if he wants to save the earth.

Armed search parties are out looking for the Gargon but it has gotten even bigger and it just kicks the crap out of every last one of them.

Derek disassembles the gun and finds the problem. Looks like muffler bearings have gone bad. That and the power source is damaged. He will need to discover some other way to power it.

The Gargon continues to move towards town. Officials contact the military for help and instruction everyone to take shelter.

** Break

** Crow is talking about how boring it gets on the ship when they get a visitor in a cool looking demonic spaceship. The visitor turns out to be pretty lame though.

Derek and Betty have a plan to stop the Gargon. They grab some tools and start heading toward the beast with the non-working ray gun. They spot the giant so Derek starts climbing a power pole.

 Betty finds an emergency call box and contacts the power station. They shut off the power and Derek cuts the lines. He connects them to the gun and they fire the lines back up, but it not enough power. Betty frantically tells the operator they need more power. At the last moment Derek is finally able to get the weapon to work putting an end to the monstrosity.

Derek realizes that more of his people will be arriving soon. He changes back into his space uniform and makes Joe drive him to where they are keeping the injured Thor.

They get Thor and Derek makes Joe do some more driving. Betty and grandpa go to the landing site, then Derek and the others show up. Thor is just as belligerent as ever and he wants Derek to shoot everyone. The first spaceship lands and Derek and Thor go to meet it. Out climb the captain (King Moody) and Derek’s dad. The other ships are waiting on the signal from the first ship to start landing. Derek convinces everyone that he is one of them again and they let him guide the ships.

This time it’s Derek’s turn to pull a fast one. He sends instructions to all the ships that cause them to crash into his ship killing all of the aliens. Betty, Joe and grandpa head home knowing Derek sacrificed himself to save them.

** Joel and the bots make note of the aliens costumes were just coveralls with duct tape on them so they made some of their own. Dr Forrester is having dinner with his Resusci Annie doll while Frank is his waiter.


This was the only full length film David Love was ever in.

Dawn Bender was cast at age 7 as little Margaret Herbert in the popular radio drama One Man’s Family. She continued as Margaret for 17 years, until it’s end in 1959.

As part of a deal to finance the film Bryan Grant was given the role of Thor.

Harvey B. Dunn appeared in several 1950s B movies including three Ed Wood films, Bride of the Monster, Night of the Ghouls, and The Sinister Urge.

Tom Graeff was the writer, director, and producer of the film. Graeff later had a mental break down and proclaimed that he was Jesus Christ II, and that God had shown him truth and love. He committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning on December 19, 1970, at age 41.

King Moody was best known for playing Shtarker in the television series Get Smart.

## Best Riffs

## Who decorated this house? Wayland Flowers? 

## Menopause can feel like a speeding car chase

## HI I’m Curt Gowdy. Join me and Phil Harris as we go after big Texas Lobster. 

## Too much Chlorine


Fun episode. The film is very low budget but actually has a story to follow with a plot twist at the end. 4 out of 5.

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