Episode 406

Attack of the Giant Leeches 

Joel made a “Holo-Clown” Sequencer to cheer up the bots but it’s been stuck on for days and even the clowns are sick of it. Joel finally fixes it.
Tom says a haiku about clowns, then it’s time for the invention exchange. Dr Forrester, inspired by the movie, use a leech to help Frank quit smoking, even though he doesn’t smoke. Joel and the bots invention is the Insty Adolescent Kit, so you can experience all of adolescents at once.
First up the short “Undersea Kingdom”

Annapolis Maryland
We meet Crash Corrigan, Navy Lieutenant and all around star athlete at the Academy. First he scores a touchdown in the big game then he is winning in a wrestling match. Just as he is about to finish the match, little Billy Norton nearly falls from his perch where he was secretly watching the match. 

Crash doesn’t miss a beat and climbs up to save Billy. Seems Billy’s father, Professor Norton, needs to see Crash right away.
At the professor’s office he has a gizmo that can predict and even stop small earthquakes. 

Diana Compton, a reporter from the Times, is also there and asks where they are coming from. The professor believes they are coming from Atlantis. He says he has found several artifacts while searching in his rocket submarine that are only a few years.
Meanwhile down in Atlantis, war is about to break out between
Sharad, high priest of Atlantis and leader of the White Robes against Unga Khan, the tyrant leader of the Black Robes. The Black Robes begin an assault on the White Robes. Unga wants to take over Atlantis and then destroy the upper world using a disintegrator ray. Isn’t that always the way these guys. Anyway he uses the ray to strike the city of St Clair, which is just three hundred miles away from Annapolis, causing an earthquake. Professor Norton decides it’s time to load his earthquake stopper thingy on to his rocket submarine and try to stop the next quake. Crash, Diana and Billy go with him.
After getting underway, some force, controlled by Unga, starts pulling them down deeper and deeper under water and into a cave. They then surface in Atlantis.
Unga orders his imperial guards to capture the professor and his crew. They mount their horses and chariots and ride off after them.
Crash (Ray “Crash” Corrigan) and company disembark and begin exploring the land. They see the guards approaching and hide. Crash decides to go and see if they are friendly or not. Two of the men try to grab him so he slugs them both

 and literally heads for the hills. Guess they weren’t friendly after all. All the guards climb after him and look to have Crash cornered but he grabs a nearby vine and slides down to the horses. He mounts one and rides off causing the remaining horses to scatter. He makes it back to the others and they start heading back to the sub. Unga sends out a tank filled with robots. That’s right, a tank full of robots. They each are carrying a ray gun.

 The good guys keep on trucking as the robots shoot at them. They get trapped against some rocks so Crash and Billy climb up to find a way out. Unga uses an invisible ray to stop them at the top of the rocks. He fires a bunch of rockets at the cliff which causes it to crumble.
** Break
** Joel asks the bots what they would do to take over the world. They talk about their great costumes and plans for world domination. Joel mentions that anyone foolish enough to try and achieve world domination would look pretty silly. When then see Dr Forrester and Frank dressed up rather flamboyantly.
Attack of the Giant Leeches

A group of men are hanging out in a small bar/store in the Everglades. The place is owned by Dave Walker and his wife Liz. One of the men, Len, tells a tale of a giant creature he encountered in the marsh that he had never seen before that reminded him of an octopus. The others think he has been drinking too much.
The men all head home leaving Dave and Liz alone. Their relationship is very rocky. Dave pleads with Liz to talk with him but she decides to head out for the night without him.
Game warden Steve Benton is out in marshland with his girlfriend, Nan, rescuing animals from traps set by poachers. She is worried about him getting mixed up with the poachers but he isn’t worried. They have a tender moment

 but then hear a shriek coming from within the trees. Steve heads off to investigate and finds Liz is the screamer. He also finds Len from the opening scene and he looks like he has seen the creature he described earlier.
Steve goes to Sheriff Kovis for help but he isn’t interested. He figures Len was killed by a gator or something so that’s Steve’s job. He tells him to stay out of county business. Steve tells him off before leaving.
Steve then goes to see Doc Greyson, who just happens to be Nan’s father. He and Steve (Ken Clark) figure something weird killed that drunk and Steve is going to go searching for it.
The next day he and Nan paddle around in a canoe looking for suspicious stuff. 

They float around all day and don’t see a thing.
Back at the Walker’s place, Dave is getting ready to take an order of groceries to a customer but this time Liz (Yvette Vickers) wants to talk. Seems she is scared since Len got attacked and wants to move out. Dave takes off to make the delivery. One of the regulars at the place, Cal, slips in after Dave leaves. Then he and Liz go off together.
** Break
** Joel and the bots have had WAY too much coffee and are telling stories that are a bit weird.
Liz and Cal go to the marshlands for little alone time. Cal just can’t understand why a woman like Liz is with a fat guy like Dave. She tells him it’s complicated. While they are chatting, Dave (Bruno VeSota) sneaks up on them, shotgun at the ready. He threatens to kill both of them so they take off running. He fires a few shots over their heads as he pursues them. Eventually he catches up to them. 

Cal blames the whole thing on Liz but Dave doesn’t care and makes them walk out into the swamp. They plead for their lives and Dave finally relents. Before they can get out of the water, two giant leeches grab them both and pull them under water.
Sheriff Kovis and several others are searching the swamp for the missing couple but they don’t find any sign of them. Kovis pressures Dave to tell them what he really did to them. Dave sticks to his story so Kovis has him locked up on murder charges.
Two old locals want to keep looking for the bodies. They figure an alligator took the bodies and buried them for later.
Back at the sheriff’s office, Dave is so distraught over his wife’s apparent death that he has hung himself in his jail cell.
Steve and Doc Greyson are debating what really happened to Liz and Cal. Doc thinks there is something to Dave’s story but Steve is sure it was murder. Doc wants to use dynamite to kill whatever is down there. Steve tells him he can’t cause it would kill other wildlife and he would have to arrest him if he did. Nan thinks Steve is being pig-headed. 
Then next day the two old timers are poking along the banks of the swamp with poles looking for the bodies. One of them realizes that they haven’t even seen one gator the whole day which is very unusual. They decide to skedaddle out if there. Before they can, the leeches grab them right out of their boat.
Next we see the leaches aren’t actually killing any of their victims. 

They have them in a cavern deep under the water and are sucking on their blood.
With the two men missing, a search party is organized to look for them. Even Steve takes part in it but nothing is found. Although they do all notice the absence of alligators 
Doc and Nan spend the evening at Steve’s place. Doc makes note of there being no alligators in the swamp and recommends using dynamite to help locate the bodies and bring them to the surface. Steve vetoes the idea again and instead will scuba dive to search for them in a few days. 
Doc and Nan get sneaky and head to the swamp with some dynamite. Doc lights the fuse and drops it in the water. Steve, suspicious of the two of them, shows up just then. The dynamite goes off and the explosion causes the two old timers and Cal to fall back into the water from the cavern. Their bodies float to the surface. 

** Break 

** Joel and the bots are dressed like hillbillies and sing “Danger to Myself And Others”

Steve has come to arrest Doc for using the dynamite but he is not at home. Nan is really ticked off with Steve. Doc arrives home and before he is arrested he tells Steve about the autopsy. Dispite the fact that all three men had been missing for at least two days the estimated time of death for them had only been a few hours before they were found. They also had large sucker marks on them. Steve can’t believe it at first but then figures there must be some sort of cave under the water where they were at. Doc think Liz might still be alive. Then we see Liz, down in the cavern, still alive. 

Steve and a friend suit up to do a little scuba diving in the swamp. The sheriff and just about everyone else is there to watch.

 Steve goes in the water and quickly spots one of the leeches. Using a harpoon gun he shoots it. He swims back to surface to get another harpoon to finish it off. 

Meanwhile Liz is barely alive. She stagers and falls into the water and floats to the surface. Steve’s friend pulls her onto the boat but she’s dead. Steve’s friend then dives in to help Steve as they realize there are two leeches. They injur both of them then head for shore. Finally they uses a shit load of dynamite to blast the mutants. Their bodies float to the surface. 

** Joel and the bots try to decide just how smart were the leeches. Down in deep thirteen Dr Forrester has left a leech on Frank way to long. 

He removes it and he and the leech head out for some lunch. Frank passes out. 

Ken Clark was a B-movie actor. He worked for a number of years in Italy.

Yvette Vickers went on to appeared as the Playboy Playmate of the Month in the July 1959 before her acting roles dried up. Vickers mummified body was found at her home in Los Angeles in 2011. She had not been seen in public for about a year when a neighbor discover her. It’s believed she died of heart failure.

Bruno VeSota appeared in episode 307 – Daddy-O

Gene Roth was a regular in Three Stooges movies. He was killed by a hit-and-run driver in Los Angeles in 1976.

Ray “Crash” Corrigan mostly did stunt work and bit parts. He own his a gorilla suit and used it to appear in many films. In 1937 he bought some land in California and built a movie lot and called in Corriganville. Many western movies were shot there. Corrigan sold the site to Bob Hope in 1966. He died in 1976 at the age of 74. 

## Best Riffs 
## This must be the swimsuit edition of leeches Illustrated

## ” is there a reeeward if someone finds the body, sheriff?”

“50 dollars.”

And you get to keep the body.

## Thanks for comforting me with that gun.

Fun episode. The short and movie were really bad but watchable. The running gag about coffee was hilarious. 4 out of 5.


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