Episode 413

Manhunt in Space

Joel mentions that the movie is in black and white. Crow is not thrilled to say the least. Tom doesn’t seem to care. Turns out he is colorblind. Dr Forrester and Frank’s invention is beanbag chair pants.

Joel and the bot’s invention is recycled paper products clothing.

First up, a short.
General Hospital

A doctor and his nurse wife are not getting along. A lady with stomach issues finds out she has a hiatal hernia but her doctor husband doesn’t think there is anything wrong with her.
That’s it.

Manhunt In Space

Space Ranger Reggie is guiding his ship to Casa 7. On board with him is Vena Ray. She is going to visit her brother, Paul, whom is working construction on Casa 7. Suddenly all of the ships controls stop working.

Something or someone has taken control of the ship.
Back on Earth, Rocky Jones is waiting on a video call from his friend Vena Ray. With him is his co-pilot Winky, whom is hoping for a little “gay night life” with some ladies. Instead of Vena, Rocky’s commander calls. He needs to speak to him and Winky. The ladies will have to wait.
The big cheese informs them that a number of cargo space ships from the United Planets have gone missing around Casa 7 including the ship Vena was on. This looks like a job for Space Ranger Rocky Jones and Winky. While Winky gets the ship ready, Rocky goes to visit Professor Newton.
Junior Ranger Bobby is with the professor when Rocky gets to the lab. Rocky agrees to let Bobby come along on the mission. The professor tells Rocky about a new discovery, cold light.

## Break
## The bots are playing soap opera but Joel refuses to play along.

Back out in space, Reggie and Vena are awaiting a rescue. Another ship pulls up and docks with them. Two men come on board but they are not from Casa 7. They are nothing but a bunch of space pirates. They quickly work over Reggie and one of them starts searching the cargo.

Vena squirts something on one of the pirates faces and she and Reggie are able to regain control of the ship.
While Vena points a “space gun” at the pirates, Reggie goes to their ship to try and radio Casa 7. Uh oh, there are two more pirates on the other ship and they easily subdue Reggie. The leader of the group, Rinkman, uses his space gun to get the drop on Vena.
Turns out Vena is very familiar with Rinkman. He’s a low down, dirty rotten, bad guy. He tells her that Reggie and her will be stuck on the ship, orbiting Casa 7 for ever. Rinkman also explains that Dr. Vanko is responsible for the technology they used to disable their ship. Oh and one last thing, don’t expect Rocky Jones to come to the rescue. Rinkman set up a decoy ship that will explode when Rocky finds it. Vena is pretty steam about all of this.
Once Rinkman and the rest of the pirates leave, it’s just Reggie and Vena left to contemplate their impending doom. That’s when Vena suggests they have some lunch.
Rocky, Winky and Bobby are in their space ship, approaching Casa 7 when they spot another space ship.

Somehow they figure out that it’s a decoy, so they just blow it up anyway.
They travel on and spot another ship. Since they are not sure what ship it is they approach it with caution. This time it’s Reggie and Vena’s ship. They dock with the ship and come aboard. After a brief rundown of the events leading up to this point, they land on Casa 7. Paul is waiting for Vena when they land.

## Break
## Joel and the bots joke about how the movie uses the modifier “space” all the time to try to make this sound futuristic. Joel reminds everyone: Modifiers, they can be your friend or your enemy.

Rocky is trying to figure out who is really behind all of this pirate stuff. They must have some sort of base of operations nearby he speculates, like the planet Prah. Winky and Paul remind him that no one has ever successfully landed there on account of some sort of defensive shield. Rocky is sure that he can land there, they just need to leave before Billy and Vena find out about it.
Turns out someone is on Prah, Rinkman and his pirate pals. They make a call to Queen Queolanta of Ophecius. Looks like she is the master mind of the operation. Rickman tells her that Rocky Jones is on the case and the two of them squabble over how to deal with him. The queen is so pissed off that she orders one of her men to have Rinkman and Dr Vanko executed.
Out in space, Rocky and Winky are nearing Prah. Time to deploy the cold light gizmo that Professor Newton gave them.

The cold light thing is supposed to work like the reverse of heat causing a mirage, cold can make things invisible. They throw the switch and the ship disappears. Since Rinkman and company can’t see the ship, the ship is able to get past the defensive shield and land, but they can still hear it.
Rinkman and Dr Vanko stand next to the loading platform looking for the ship. Suddenly Rocky Jones appears in front of them. He warns them to stop all of the pirate stuff or else. Rinkman’s men jump Rocky and quickly subdue him, then put him in a cave for safe keeping.
Rinkman notifies Queen Queolanta that Rocky has been captured. She is so happy about this she calls off their executions and decides to pay Prah a visit.
Although they put Rocky in a cave, they forgot to frisk him. He contacts Winky, who is still on the invisible ship, and updates him on the situation. Winky wants to help but Rocky orders him to stay put.
Rinkman comes to the cave to make a deal.

He will let Rocky go in exchange for the cold light thingy. In fact, he wants Rocky to join up with him as a space pirate. Rocky has been to more than one rodeo and is able fool Rinkman into thinking Winky is behind him. Rocky fights his way out of the cave and makes it back to the ship. He and Winky blast off and head back to Casa 7 just before the Queen’s ship arrives.
Rocky and Winky approach Casa 7 and radio for instructions. Space Traffic Controller Ken tells them where to land, then he makes a call of his own. It’s to Rinkman on Prah! Ken is a double agent!
Queen Queolanta is with Rinkman and she is not happy about Rocky Jones escaping. She wants Rocky recaptured and Casa 7 captured as well. They can use Ken to mess up their defenses.
Meanwhile, Rocky and Winky safely arrive on Casa 7

## Break
## Joel and the bots are chatting about the movie when Winky calls them through the hex-field screen. He tries to tell them about the hot chicks he’s dating but Joel and the bots aren’t buying it.

Paul tells Rocky that he suspects that someone is tipping off Rinkman about the cargo ships. He’s pretty sure it’s a Martian named Hagar Nu that used to work with Ken but has disappeared. Ken of course is sitting right next to them when they are having their conversation.
Meanwhile, Winky is with Vena and Billy and he is singing a lullaby to Billy, who quickly nods off.

Rocky stops by and tells everyone he is going to go work on their spaceship for a while.
Before Rocky gets there, Ken has contacted Rinkman. He informs him that he has disabled Casa 7’s defenses so it is safe for them to land. To keep Rocky from leaving he also turned on the cold light thing on his ship so Rocky can’t find it.
Rocky comes strolling in and asks Ken where is his spaceship. When Ken proves to be no help he decides to go outside and look for it. Ken decides to bash Rocky over the head with a pipe which crushes Rocky’s skull, killing him. He takes Rocky’s lifeless body and put him on the invisible spaceship.
Wait, turns out Rocky isn’t dead after all. He comes to and his tied up with the missing Hagar Nu.

Rocky puts two and two together and figures out Ken is the traitor. Immediately Rocky starts trying to get untied.
Rinkman and his band of pirates land on Casa 7. They quickly set about taking over the place. First stop, Paul Ray’s place. A rousing fist begins but Paul, Winky, Vena and Billy are easily captured.
After a lot of work, Rocky is able to slip out of his bonds and free Hagar Nu as well. He heads outside and notices Ken has left a mark on the landing platform that the invisible spaceship is sitting on. Rocky erases it and makes the same mark on a different platform. Sure enough this maneuver fools Ken and Rinkman into thinking Rocky has left with the ship.
While Rinkman goes to get his captives and take them to his ship, Ken goes back to the control booth where Rocky is waiting for him. After another brief fistfight, Rocky is able to get Ken’s space gun.

Hagar Nu meanwhile plants some explosives on the bottom of Rinkman’s ship.
Rocky takes Ken to the invisible spaceship but not before Ken is able to warn Rinkman. He ties Ken up in the same place he was earlier. Hagar Nu tells Rocky about the explosives and Rocky is appalled. He wants Rinkman alive so they can be married. Whoop, so he can answer for his crimes.
Rocky goes to Paul’s places and finds no one there. Rocky quickly hides as Rinkman comes in. He calls the crew on his ship and tells them to blast off, the queen is sending a bunch of soldiers to take over Casa 7. Rocky realises that the ship his friends is on is going to blow up. He gets past Rinkman and hurries to the platforms.
Dr Vanko tries to fire up the rocket engines but they won’t work. Rinkman hurriedly calls the ship and warns them Rocky is on his way there. He orders them to get Rocky.
Another fistfight get underway which includes a some how freed Winky.

The good guys win with Paul, Vena and Billy also getting free. Seem Billy was able to use his pen knife to free them all. Winky was also able to disconnect the fuel pump, which is why the ship couldn’t lift off. Rocky tells Paul about the two ships full of soldiers on its way. Paul says he will blast them before they can land.
Rocky and Winky load the pirates up on their spaceship and head back to earth. Winky wants to call Betty back on Earth to see if she is still waiting for him. He tells Rocky he will check to see if she had a friend.

## Joel has turned Crow into a guitar and Tom into an amplifier. He sings a lullaby like the one Winky sang. Tom and Crow do not particularly like this set up. Down in Deep 13, Dr Forrester and Frank are stuck in there bean bag chair pants. Frank is being very philosophical and Dr Forrester is plotting how to kill him.

Richard Crane was a B movie actor who made many guest starring role in TV show through out the 50’s and 60’s

Sally Mansfield did some modeling and guest starring on TV shows in the 50’s and 60’s

Scotty Beckett was a child actor who was a regular in the Our Gang series in 1934 an 1935. He later appeared in films with Greta Garbo, Errol Flynn and Carry Grant among many. Beckett later developed drinking and gambling addictions as well as passing bad checks that caused him to get fired from the Rocky Jones series. He died in 1968 at the age of 38 after receiving a serious beating and taking a bunch barbiturates with alcohol.

** Best Riffs

And that’s how cows are inseminated

Look at that effect! Industrial Light and Magic, you’ve done it again!

More letters on how unappealing you are, Sir

Wow, what a bad movie, but the riffs were really good. 3 out of 5

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