Episode 414


Tom and Crow are playing in a ventilation shaft. Eventually Tom comes down but Crow refuses to. Gypsy tries to join in but she is way to big and her and Crow come tumbling out.
For the invention exchange, Joel and the boys make a see-and-say for family reunions. The mads invention is the drinking jacket.


Tom Stewart, a jazz pianist, is inside a light house on a Cape Cod island. His ex-girlfriend, Vi, is with him. Tom is planning on getting married to another woman but Vi is not about to let him go so easily. Tom tells her it’s over between them and starts to leave. Vi coyly says she still has all of the letters. This stop Tom in his tracks. The two of them step out on to the walkway around the top of the light house.

Vi starts speculating about how Meg, Tom’s new lady, would feel about the letters. Maybe a lawyer might find them interesting. Tom is enraged by this. Just then, the railing that Vi was leaning on gives way. She starts to fall to the rocky surf below but is just able to hang on. Tom goes to help her but then changes his mind. He stands and watches as Vi plummets to her death.
The next day, Tom is standing on the beach near the lighthouse when he spots Vi’s body floating in the surf. He goes in after it and brings on to the shore. Suddenly it changes into seaweed. Since this isn’t normal for a dead body, it kind if freaks Tom out.
Just then Sandy, Meg’s little sister, walks up. Tom is not really in the mood to deal with Sandy right now so he tells her to scram. Before she leaves, she spots something on the beach. Its Vi’s watch. Tom takes the watch and Sandy heads back to the main house.
Tom is starting to realize he is flipping out. He’s letting his imagination get the better of him. He goes back to the light house and bends the broken rail back into place but it bends itself back. He throws the watch into the water below. The sound of a seagull freaks him out a little and then he can hear footsteps coming up the stairs. It’s just Meg.
She asks why he is in the light house and Tom (Ricard Carlson) lies that he is nervous about the big concert at Carnegie Hall next month and he needed some place to think. Meg tells him he will do just great but she does mention that the light house smells like perfume.
The two of them walk along the beach back to the house. As they walk a third set of foot prints appear in the sand as if they are being followed. Tom notices the footprints and is full on creeped out. He tries to show Meg but a wave washes them away. Tom tries to convince Meg to elope with him and get married right then but she wants the wedding plus her whole family is there on the island. When Tom pushes her a little more she storms off. Just then another set of foot prints appear next to Tom.

Back at the house, Sandy is trying to show Tom a magic trick, but Tom really isn’t paying attention. He’s watching out the window for Vi or Meg or maybe footprints, who knows. Sandy is little miffed at Tom so he apologizes.

## Break
## While Tom and Crow are having a chat, Joel is cleaning up a mess they left on the upper level. Joel slips and nearly falls down but is just able to hang on.

Tom and Crow do not seem to eager to help unless Joel gives in to a few of there demands.

Tom sit down at the piano in his bungalow and starts playing. Across the room the record player comes on by itself. It plays the song Tormented by Vi Mason. Tom turns the record off and places it on the coffee table. He goes back to playing when suddenly the record is playing again. This time he grabs the record and breaks it in half. Then there is a knock at the door. It’s just the maid bringing some flowers. Although the maid, Miss Ellis, is blind, she can tell from Tom’s voice that something is wrong. Tom asks her if she believes in ghosts. She tells him a story about a boy and his dog that went missing from another house on the island. People say that they can hear the dog or that the boys old room get really cold and damp. She then tells him that running from something never helps.
That night, Tom is sleeping on the couch and is having nightmares.

He’s back in the lighthouse and keeps seeing Vi’s ghost all over the place. When he wakes up he finds Vi’s watch laying on the coffee table and the light from the lighthouse is on. Tom hurries over there and goes to the top. He starts talking into the night in an attempt to get Vi to leave him alone. He tells her he is marrying Meg and that’s that. When he leaves Vi’s can be heard saying no one else will ever have him.
The next day, Tom is practicing at the piano when Sandy comes to see him. He asks her to tell Meg that he is sorry for his behavior before. Sandy tells him that Meg seems ready to make up. Tom shows Sandy the ring he is going to give to Meg. Sandy wants to try it on. Suddenly a disembodied hand appears with the ring on it but only Tom can see it. Sandy leaves and Tom demands that Vi return the ring.
Tom goes down to the beach and finds Meg. The two of them make up and start talking about their honeymoon and life after the wedding.

## Break
## Joel has made a replica of the lighthouse from the movie. He and the bots take turns deciding which singers they would like to see fall to their death from the lighthouse. Using little dolls, they first pick Kenny Rogers, then the Manhattan Transfer, followed by Loggins and Messina. They pick so many they make a pile at the bottom of the lighthouse.

Tom and Meg (Lugene Sanders) head to the main house and talk with Meg’s mother, Miss Ellis and Sandy. There are all kinds of gifts from well wishers scattered around the room. Suddenly footprints appear and the room starts to get colder. There is also a smell of women’s perfume in the air. Tom and Meg slip into the next room and find Meg’s wedding dress covered in seaweed.

The next day, the maid pays Tom a visit. Tom partially confesses about Vi. He tells her she came to visit but that she left after they had an argument. The maid thinks maybe she is still on the island and might be the one who put the seaweed on the dress.
Miss Ellis (Lillian Adams) leaves and goes to the lighthouse. Her seeing eye dog tries to keep her from going inside but she does anyway. She calls out to Vi and asks her to come out and talk to her. When Vi (Juli Reding) doesn’t answer she starts climbing the stairs. She can hear what sounds like a woman laughing so she climbs all the way to the top. She continues to call out to her on the way. She reaches the top and nearly falls through the open railing. Miss Ellis now seems to realize that Vi is a ghost.
Back at the main house, Meg’s father has arrived. After greeting everyone he asks about Tom. Seems he is not to fond of his daughter marrying a musician, let alone a jazz musician.
Despite being told not too, Sandy goes to check out the lighthouse. She opens the door but it slams shut and a guest of wind blows her little hat off. She chases it down and finds a bracelet laying underneath it, of course its Vi’s. Sandy gets a good look at it when suddenly a man comes up behind her. He’s looking for Tom. Sandy (Susan Gordon) knows all about stranger danger and doesn’t tell him anything. The man walks away to continue his search. He walks right into Tom’s place and start looking around. Tom asks him to leave but he says that she owes him a “fin”. Tom is total confused. Turns out the guy is a ferry boat driver. He brought Vi to the island and she was supposed to pay him five dollars for the ride but she never came back so he came there to collect. In a pickle now, Tom decides to pay the man the five dollars just to get him to leave. Sure enough, it works.
Miss Ellis stops at a beachfront restaurant for a little bite to eat. The cook mentions that the chickens on the island have stopped laying eggs. The only other time that has happened was when that boy went missing. You remember, the one Miss Ellis told Tom all about in that earlier scene. While she and the cook chat about the wedding, the nosey ferryman shows up. Realizing that they are talking about the Tom he met earlier, he quickly leaves.
Tom, Meg and family are at the wedding rehearsal when in walks the ferryman. He has a quick conversation with Tom about needing a little more money to keep quiet about Vi.

He decides to come back later to work out a price.
Later that evening, there is a big party. Of course, Tom is playing the piano. Suddenly he sees Sandy with Vi’s bracelet on her arm. She disappears into the crowd of people before Tom can get it from her. When Meg comes by with a drink for him, a photographer takes their picture. It’s an instamatic so it develops right away. When Tom sees it he can’t believe his eyes. Vi’s face is in the picture. Shaken, Tom walks away with the picture and makes himself a drink. Meg is really confused. Tom tries to explain but he’s not making any sense. He shows the picture to her but Vi’s face isn’t in it anymore. What the hell!!!!
That night Meg and Sandy are ready for bed. They talk about the wedding and Tom. Sandy notices a light come from the lighthouse but Meg tells her not worry about it, it just the moonlight reflecting off of it.
The next morning, Tom is practicing at his piano when suddenly he can hear Vi calling his name. He turns to see her disembodied head sitting on the coffee table. Tom seems more annoyed than freaked out now.

Vi tells him he will never get to marry Meg. She starts yelling, “Tom Stewart killed me”. Tom grabs the head, wraps it in a towel and starts to leave. Whoops, he drops her head and it tumbles down the steps. Waiting at the bottom just happens to be the ferryman. He picks up the towel but the head has turned into a bunch of flowers. The ferryman (Joe Turkel) of course, is there for a little more money.

## Break
## Tom and Crow’s heads are sitting on the counter. They star chanting, “Joel Robinson killed us”. They tell him the only way for them to stop haunting him is to turn over Gypsy for a pagan earth ceremony which they hold every Tuesday at eight. Joel is not the least bit scared, so he takes their bodies and leaves. He turns off the lights which gives Tom and Crow quite the scare.

The ferryman has the bracelet Sandy was wearing earlier. He has figured out that Tom has done something with Vi. Tom sees Meg walking up the beach. He and the ferryman quickly leave before she is close enough to see what is going on.
Tom takes his new found buddy to the lighthouse. He demands Tom pay him $5000 to keep quiet. Tom can suddenly hear Vi . She taunts him that he will lose everything if he doesn’t get rid of him just like he did to her.

When Tom tells the ferryman that he isn’t going to pay, the man starts to leave. Tom whacks him over the head with a piece of pipe. The blow kills the man on the spot. Tom drags his body away. Suddenly, Sandy comes walking down the steps of the lighthouse. She has heard the whole thing.
It’s the wedding day. While Meg and her family are getting ready to leave, Sandy is laying on her bed. She is obviously not sure what to do now. She really likes Tom but he did just kill a man.
Her mother calls her into the livingroom to help with Meg’s dress.

Sandy asks Meg if she would still marry Tom even if he did something really bad. Meg says she still would. Sandy goes to get dressed for the wedding.
At the church, Tom is waiting in a side room when Sandy comes to see him. She asks him if a friend did something really bad would he would keep it a secret Tom says good friends protect each other. Even if it was murder, she asks?
The wedding begins and Sandy is in her place next to Meg. The priest delivers his sermon. When he gets to the part about if anyone has an objection, Sandy is about to spill the beans, when the doors to the chapel burst open. All of the candles go out and the flowers all wilt. This brings the ceremony to a quick end.
Still in his tux, Tom goes to the lighthouse. He starts climbing to the top and tells Vi that she has won. He is going to leave the island and run out on Meg. Then he hears footsteps coming up behind him. It’s Sandy. She asks Tom why did he have to kill the ferryman?
Meg and her parents are pretty bummed about the way the wedding went. Meg looks for Sandy to help her get out of her dress but of course she is not there.
Back at the lighthouse, Tom and Sandy are talking. She says she won’t tell anybody about the murder because friends protect each other. Tom knows he is really stuck now. If he had only saved Vi he wouldn’t be in this mess. He gives Sandy a hug and tells her he loves her.

Sandy’s parents are now checking everywhere for her. They notice a light on in the lighthouse and figure they better check it out.
Tom gets Sandy to go to the very top of the lighthouse. As they look out over the railing, Tom starts to give Sandy a push towards the broken railing when he hears Vi again. Suddenly her ghost swoops down on Tom causing him to fall to the rocks below as Sandy watches.
A group of people are gathered on the beach. A man brings a body out of the water. It’s not Tom but Vi. Eventually they also find Tom’s body. They lay his next to Vi. Her arm somehow falls over on top of him. She is also wearing the ring that she stole earlier.

## Joel and the bots are really bummed about the movie. To cheer themselves up they sing about some happier things which seems to help. Down in deep 13, Frank is doing some singing of his own. Of course Dr Forrester blows him up.


Ricard Carlson stared in many science fiction movies including The Creature From the Black Lagoon and It Came From Outerspace

Lugene Sanders is best remembered for her role of Babs in The Life of Riley

Juli Reding had a hand full of supporting roles in movies and TV in the late 50’s and 60’s.

Susan Gordon was the daughter of the films director, Bert I Gordon. She appeared in The Twilight Zone episode “The Fugitive”, as Jenny, a child with a leg brace who befriends an alien.

Joe Turkel is most famous as Lloyd the bartender in The Shining and Eldon Tyrell in Blade Runner.

Lillian Adams appeared in over 200 movies and TV show starting in the 1950’s all the way to 2012

Best Riffs

## Hey, how many Dalmatians died for that dress?
A hundred and one.

## Sandy’s back and she’s pissed

## “Vi, you lost a lot of weight.”
“Here, let me put a coaster under you.”

It really makes you wonder just what was in those letters Vi had. Tom such bad person. He let Vi die, kills the ferryman and was going to kill Sandy, and he is the films protagonist. All in all I liked this movie and Joel and the bots were really funny.

4 out of 5

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