Episode 415

Episode 415

The Beatniks

Joel is playing Rock-Paper-Scissors with the bots. He keeps winning since Crow and Tom’s hands don’t work. Eventually Joel asks if they would like to play Mumbly Peg? Before they can start, Gypsy knocks Joel over saving the day for her buddies.
For the invention exchange, Dr Forester and Frank are human size good luck troll dolls. Joel’s invention is pocket pool, with real billiard balls you put in your pants and hit with a cue.

First up, another General Hospital short.

Two couples are having a small celebration.

One of the couples is getting engaged. The host couple do not seem to like the other man. A phone call from the hospital sends mister unpopular away, leaving the other three behind.

The Beatniks

A car pulls up outside of a mom and pop store. A young lady is driving and the four male passengers put on masks and head inside to rob the place. They have robbed this place before as the owners recognize the masks. The thugs gather up the money and speed away.
The gang drives around for awhile before coming across a man with a broken down car. He is parked right outside Nadine’s diner, which just happens to be their hangout. They offer to help him but really they just want to hassle him. They go inside, start acting obnoxious and see how much money they got. The old man comes inside to use the phone to call for help with his car.

Once he is done with that he makes another call and we find out that his name is Harry Bayliss and he is a talent agent.
Meanwhile, Iris, the gangs driver, wants some money for the jukebox. She asks Eddy, the leader and her boyfriend, to give her some. He gives her a hard time but eventually gives her some change. She plays a tune and gets him to dance. Not only that, she gets him to sing too. Apparently he is quite the singer, as Mr. Bayliss is very impressed.

## Break
## Joel and the bots are really unimpressed with the Beatniks in the movie. In fact they don’t even look like beatniks. They list off some things that will indicate if you are not a beatnik, like if you own more than one polo shirt or you have a bus pass, you are not a beatnik.

The gang starts eating some of Nadine’s fixings, when Bayliss asks Eddie (Tony Travis) about his singing. He tells him he could be a big star with his help. The others, Moon, Red and Chuck, think it’s a stupid idea but Eddie and Iris are definitely interested. Bayliss gives him his business card and leaves when the mechanic arrives to help with his car.
The next day Eddie and the others head over to Bayliss’s office. There they meet his secretary, Helen Tracy. Eddie immediately starts putting the moves in her much to Iris’s displeasure.
They go inside and meet Ray Morrissey, from the TV station, as well as Josh who will be playing the piano while Eddie sings. Iris tries to say a few good words about Eddie but he just tells her to shut up. He isn’t sure this whole thing is a good idea but then in walks Helen and he changes his mind.

He sings and everyone is very impressed. They offer him a spot on the big show the next night, they just need to get him a hotel for the night. Eddie insists that his friends get to stay there as well. Bayliss reluctantly agrees. He instructs Helen to make the arrangements and help Eddie finds some new clothes.
It montage time!!!! Helen and Eddie do some shopping to get him presentable for his big debut.

After the shopping they end up at a nightclub. Eddie can’t believe his good fortune. He’s never had anything good happen to him before. He confesses to Helen that he really really likes her. She reciprocates the feelings and they share a kiss.
The next day comes and Eddie performs on the big show. He is a huge hit. Helen is on one side of the stage making googly eyes at him while Iris and Moon watch nearby. The two of them seem to be getting jealous of all the attention Eddie is getting. After he’s done singing Bayliss takes Eddie and Helen up to Morrissey’s office. They start talking about his next appearance on the show when they get a call from a record producer. Looks like Eddie is going to be a big star.
Iris, Moon and the others barge into the office. Eddie tells them about the record deal and so the gang wants to go and celebrate. Bayliss and Helen (Joyce Terry) think it’s a bad idea; Eddie needs to rest. Not wanting to disappoint his friends, Eddie decides to go celebrate anyway.
The gang starts doing some heavy drinking in a hotel room but Eddie isn’t partaking. He, Moon and Iris start arguing then Eddie decks Moon.

He apologizes and helps Moon (Peter Breck) get up. Iris meanwhile sulks in the corner.

## Break
## Tom, Crow and Gypsy are acting like teenage girls, daydreaming about Tony Travis, the guy who plays Eddie in the movie, and reading “Tiger Bot” magazine. Joel comes by and mentions that he has Tony’s phone number, so the bots call him. They get his answering machine and discover that he is older and has kids of his own now. The bots are pretty deflated.

The gang decided to take the party on the road. They end up at a place called Charlie’s Diner. The problem with the place is that it’s so late, after 2 am, that the kitchen is closed and that can’t sell any booze. They hassle Gus, the only guy working, into making them some sandwiches. While he is doing that, Eddie and Iris start dancing and Moon steals some liquor from the bar. Gus tries to throw them out but beatniks don’t play that game, so Gus gets his gun and starts to call the sheriff. Moon begs him not to so Gus, being a softy at heart, changes his mind. When he turns his back, Moon hits him over the head with a wine bottle.

Gus crashes to the ground and appears to be dead. Eddie and the others are stunned. Just then a car pulls up. Eddie and Iris (Karen Kadler) go outside. The driver asks if the place has any girls inside. When Eddie tells him no, he leaves.
Meanwhile back inside, Gus is not so dead. He fires his gun and hits Red in the arm before finally dying. The gang pack up and leave.
Back at the hotel, Eddie confronts Moon about the killing. Moon says Gus was going to be able to identify them so he killed him to protect Eddie, but Eddie’s not buying it.
He starts complaining about getting mixed up with the rest of them and goes for a walk. Iris is really upset and blames Helen for pulling him away from her and the gang.
Eddie wanders around for a bit then calls Helen. She can sense something is wrong. He tells her he is just no good for her and he’s not going to do anymore singing.

Helen confesses that she is in love with him. Eddie thinks she is just saying that so he will stay with Bayliss. Devastated, Helen hangs up on him. Eddie realizes he’s made a mistake and heads over to her place.
When Eddie arrives, Moon and Chuck are waiting on him. Moon is very suspicious of Eddie and figures he’s going to rat them out. The three of them talk it out and then head back to the hotel to check on Red.
The next morning, they realize they need to get Red to a doctor but they decide to wait until night fall and drive him to a small town. Meanwhile Iris is happy that Eddie is all done with Helen and Bayliss but she is going to miss getting rich.
Eddie and Moon are still at odds with each other over the killing from earlier. Moon says he just wants to be famous just like Eddie. Suddenly there is a knock at the door. It’s the hotel detective and the manager. They want the gang out of the hotel.

Eddie calls Bayliss and tells him he wants to sing after all. He also gets him to talk the manager out of kicking them out. Since Eddie is back to singing again, he needs to head over to the recording studio right away. That also means Iris can’t come along.
At the recording studio, Eddie is waiting for the producer to get everything set up when in walks Helen. She and Eddie make up then he goes to talk to Mr Bayliss. He’s pretty concerned about Eddie and his lowlife friends. He wants Eddie to dump them but that just can’t happen.
Well it’s time for some singing. Eddie belts out a fabulous little number that’s sure to be a hit.

Bayliss tells Helen about his misgivings with Eddie and the gang. Helen begs him to help him out if he can.

## Break
## Joel and the bots do their own version of the diamond in the ruff, complete with Tom as the singing sensation, Crow as his love interest and even spinning headlines.

Bayliss goes to the hotel to talk with the gang. He tries to help but Moon is completely freaked by now and having none of it.

He pulls a knife on Bayliss when he tries to leave. He show Bayliss the story in the newspaper and confesses to the murder. Then he stabs Bayliss.
All of the commotion in the room gets the attention of the hotel detective. Moon fights with Chuck and Iris before hightailing it down the fire escape. Now he’s on the run.
Back at the recording studio, Eddie has finished with the session. He sits down with Helen to have a talk but then Helen gets a call about Bayliss. The two of them rush to the hospital.
When they get there they find Bayliss (Charles Delaney) to be okay and a police detective waiting to talk to them. He tells them they have Iris, Chuck and Red in custody already but they are still looking for the other two, Moon and Eddie. Since the cop doesn’t know what Eddie looks like, Helen and Bayliss lie about who Eddie is.
Later, back at the recording studio, Eddie tells Helen he can’t keep running. He tells her to let the cops know where they can find him. Meanwhile, Moon shows up at the studio. With the cops on their way, Eddie talks to Moon in the alleyway.

They get into a big fight which of course Eddie wins just as the cops show up. They take both of them into custody as the movie ends.

## Crow is chasing Gypsy around with a knife but ends up stabbing Tom. Of course it’s all in fun. Dr Forester and Frank are still dressed as troll dolls which makes it hard to push the button.


Tony Travis, this movie is basically the extent of his career

Joyce Terry stared in The Neanderthal Man in 1953

Peter Breck also appeared in Episode 106 “The Crawling Hand”

Karen Kadler also appeared in Episode 311 “It Conquered the World”

Charles Delaney appeared in over 90 films between 1913 and 1959. This was his last film as he passed away before it was released in 1960. He was 67 years old

Best Riffs

## Dish of ice cream, don’t tempt me.

## Hi! I’m here for my prostate exam, and I brought some my friends with me.

## Take that and this and that

The movie is barely watchable but the riffs are terrific. The last break, with the spinning headlines is really funny. Overall I give this a 3 out of 5.

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