Episode 417

Episode 417

Crash of the Moons

Joel is teaching Tom how to do macramé when Crow comes in and asks them to buy Grit, the newspaper, but instead he just had a box full of actual grit. Joel and Tom complain that they have already bought a bunch of other stuff from Crow, including turkey pizzas and watermelon seeds. Crow then tries to sell them insurance.
For the invention exchange, the mads have Deep 13 Toothpaste in chocolate and fudge flavors. It will rot your teeth while brushing. Joel and the bots make Rock and Wreck guitars. You can smash them and then they go right back together.

First another episode of General Hospital

As I’m sure you remember from episode 413, the doctor, Ken, had to leave the small celebration Phil and Jesse had thrown for him and Cynthia’s engagement. Since Ken will be stuck at the hospital for some time, Phil offers to take Cynthia home. Jesse is a little suspicious of the two of them.

Phil and Cynthia arrive at her home but have a chat in the car. The two apparently have been having a little thing, so Phil is upset that she is marrying that loser Ken. Cynthia tries to resist him, but she can’t and they share a kiss

Crash of the Moons

Cleolanta, the queen of the plant Ophiuchus, is having a meeting with Secretary Drake, Rocky Jones and Winky about joining the United Worlds. She tells them to go pound sand and promptly sends them packing. They hop into their spaceship, Orbit Jet, and head for a nearby space station.
When they contact the station, Vena, Billy and Professor Newton are waiting for them.

The three of them are there because a pair of Gypsy Moons, (Posita and Negato) will be passing near the station. They are very excited to see them pass by but Rocky realizes there is a problem. He’s so smart.
It seems that the space station they are on will pass through the planets atmosphere chain and that will cause its destruction. Rocky tells Winky to step on it. They need to hurry to make it in time to save their friends.

## Break
## Joel mentions that “Gypsy Moons” is an old song from the 1920’s. Tom and Crow sing it to Gypsy, but she is not impressed.

On the moon Posita, the ruler, Bavarro and his wife notice that their new son is fussing quite a bit, as if he senses something wrong.
Meanwhile, Rocky and company get to the space station just in time to save it from the atmosphere chain, thus extracting their friends from certain doom. The Orbit Jet then lands on Posita.
It seems that Bavarro (John Banner) knows everyone, as he is thrilled to see each of them, even Winky.

Meanwhile the professor has been doing some calculating. He figures out that Posita is on a collision course with Ophiuchus.
They break the news to Bavarro. He’s not happy and neither is the baby.
Rocky and Winky decide to head back to Ophiuchus to try and warn them.

## Break
## Joel and the bots do a commercial for John Banner-grams

Rocky broadcasts a message to all of Ophiuchus to warn them of the impending catastrophe but Cleolanta has forbidden anyone from receiving outside transmissions.
The wife of Cleolanta’s assistant has a secret radio and she does hear the message. She tries to warn her husband, Atlasan, but he gets pissed off at her betrayal and tells Cleolanta.

Now she’s in trouble.
The Orbit Jet lands on Ophiuchus and Rocky tries to persuade Cleolanta to evacuate her people. Fat chance fancy pants!! She instead fills the room they are waiting in with knock out gas.
With Rocky and Winky out of the way, Cleolanta and Atlasan fly out to Posita and try to destroy the moon before it can hit Ophiuchus. They start firing missiles at it which of course causes the baby to get even more upset.
Back on Ophiuchus, Atlasan’s wife helps Rocky and Winky escape. They high tail it to Posita and stop Cleolanta. They land on Posita and verify everyone is safe.

## Break
## Crow has written a tele-play. It makes absolutely no sense and is full of gibberish.

They agree to evacuate Posita first, then Cleolanta can try to knock it out of the path of Ophiuchus. Rocky will oversee the whole thing since they can’t trust Cleolanta
Once everyone is off Posita they fire more missiles at it but it’s no use, it’s still going to hit Ophiuchus.
Despite Cleolanta objections, everyone is evacuated from Ophiuchus. The two planets slam into each other and are destroyed.

Eventually Cleolanta comes to realize she was being a jerk and thanks Rocky for saving them.
The movie mercifully ends.

## Joel and the bots get their very own banner gram. They get so annoyed by him they send him down to Deep 13, much to Dr Foresters anger.

Most of the cast is the same as in Episode 413

John Banner is best known for playing Sargent Schultz in the TV series Hogan’s Heroes. Banner was of Jewish decent and emigrated to the USA when the Nazi’s annexed Austria in 1938. He served in the army air force during WW2.

** Best Riffs

** You see guys, when a spaceship loves a space station very very much…

** It’s a cardboard cutout Klan meeting

** Plop, plop, fizz, fizz oh what a bad film it is.

This one was tough to sit through. Maybe it because it’s a revisit to episode 413 and all of the characters were so annoying. Whatever it was, I can only give this a 2 out of 5.

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