Episode 419

Rebel SetJoel is reading scary bedtime stories to the bots but they are unimpressed with In Cold Blood, Helter Skelter or any of Steven King’s books. Joel then whips out the scariest of them all, Life’s Little Instruction Book. This scares the crap out of Tom and Crow.
The mads invention is the Quick Primp Kit for helping you get ready for a night out while waiting in line. Joel and the bots invention is the Mark Rothko paint by numbers.First up a short called, “Johnny at the Fair”.
Johnny and his parents go to Canada to see the Canadian Exhibition. After looking around for a while, his parents are trying to decide what to see next. Johnny, who is only 5 or 6 years old, wanders off. He disappears into the crowd before his parents even notice.
On his own, Johnny sees all kinds of attractions while his parents desperately search for him. Eventually a policeman takes Johnny to the lost children area and his gets reunited with his folks. So much excitement in one little short.The Rebel SetThe movie opens in a small coffeehouse. A band is playing as patrons enjoy a beverage or two.
Mr Tucker, the owner is playing chess with one of the guests. He easily wins.Sidney, Tucker’s assistant comes by. The two if them have some sort of plan set up. Tucker instructs Sidney to locate three particular men for this job.
One of the men is John Mapes, a struggling actor.
Mapes hasn’t worked in over a year. His wife Jean is working long hours to make ends meet, but she is getting tired of it. The phone rings and it’s Sidney, but John pretends it’s his agent with an acting job** Break
** Crow sent away for some practice acting records and they finally arrived. They are all by Scott Baio.George Leland is the second man Tucker needs. He is the son of movie star Rita Leland. George has been arrested again. Sydney bails him out of jail this time and instructs him to meet Tucker at the club.
The third man is Ray Miller. Ray is a writer and a drunk. All three men seem to be down on their luck.
The three men show up at the club and Tucker lays out his plan. They are going to steal $1,000,000!! They will take a train from Los Angels to New York. It has a 4 hour stop over in Chicago which will give them time to steal the money from an armored truck. John goes home and tells his wife he got the acting part.
Tucker and Sydney fly ahead to Chicago to get the robbery set up.The three others catch a later train. Jean tags along with John, thinking he has another meeting with a director.** Break
** Joel and the bots discuss what they would do while on a 4 hour layover in Chicago. Gypsy would go shopping, Tom would hold up a bank, Joel would go to the renaissance fair and get a leather mug, then go to Wrigley Field and drink with the bleacher bums. Crow meanwhile had an elaborate walking adventure that would take him all over downtown Chicago.The train arrives in Chicago and John ditches Jean. The three men meet up with Tucker and Sydney. They set up outside of town to ambush the armored truck. Each man has a specific task to complete in order to make to robbery go successfully.
The truck comes along and the plan goes into motion. George shoots out a tire in the truck as Sydney drives a car out in front of the truck. The two vehicles collide and end up in a ditch.The truck driver gets out to check on Sydney. Just then, Ray and John drive up in a police car. All the security guards get out of the truck, then Ray and John pull guns on them. They tie the guards up and Tucker joins them as they all start unloading the money into the back of the police car.
After loading up, they drive away to a deserted area and bury all of the guns, uniforms and other stuff used in the robbery, including all of the police car identification. They put the money into a large gift box that George will keep with him. They hurry back to the train station just before it leaves.
Back on the train, Tucker (Edward Platt) has gotten on dressed as a priest. The three men don’t recognize him.
Jean trys to talk to John about his meeting but he is really nervous and short with her. She is starting to think John is not telling the truth.
George is counting the money when John comes to visit.George pulls out a gun, tosses John a wad of bills and says he is keeping the rest. John is stunned, but not so stunned that he can’t jump George. He over powers him, takes the gun and the money. He finds Ray and they put the money in Ray’s cabin.
The two of them head back to George’s cabin and find him dead. He has a bullet in his head and a type written suicide note on the bed, but he doesn’t have a type writer or a gun. The note looks to have been made on Ray’s typewriter. They decide to get rid of the typewriter.
Ray gets it from his cabin. He goes between the train cars and tosses it over. Just then Tucker walks up. He pulls out a knife, kills Ray and then toss him over.** Break
** Joel has the bots write short stories but they are supposed to be about trains. Only Gypsy gets it right.The conductor finds George’s body and the suicide note. The “reverend” Tucker comes by and suggests that maybe it was murder. The conductor phones ahead so the police can meet the train when it arrives. He mentions to Tucker that one of the passengers is missing. Of course that would be Ray.
Meanwhile, Jean finds some of the money in John’s coat pocket. He says it’s just stage money but Jean isn’t buying it. Eventually John confess everything to her.
The train arrives in Newark and the police are waiting. They are inspecting George’s cabin when John walks up and tells them that he was part of the robbery and he knows where the money is. They go to Ray’s cabin and open the box but there is no money in it. The cops are going to arrest John but just then Tucker walks by outside the train. John shoved the cop away and gets out a window. Now the chase is on. John is after Tucker and the cops are after John. They race through the train yard climbing over and under cars. Eventually they end up in an industrial area. John finally catches up but Tucker grabs a chain and hits him with it. Tucker is off and running again. Once more John catches him. Tucker tries to swing the chain at him again but it hits a nearby fuse panel and the surge of electricity kills him on the spot.Back at the train depot, Jean is waiting. John walks in, handcuffed to a detective. They have one last embrace before he is lead away.
Rita Leland walks into the train station. She’s talking to a report about how she is going to settle down and be a good mother to her son George. As she gets on the train, George’s body is wheeled right past her but she is unaware its him.** Tom is dressed like Hercule Poirot in an attempt to solve the mystery of who played the train conductor in the movie. It gets really complicated. Down in deep 13, Frank is also completely obsessed with finding the answer. Of course Dr Forrester is not happy.Cast
Edward Platt played “The Chief” on Get SmartKathleen Crowley played Jeanne Mapes on MaverickThis is actually a decent movie. Sure the acting is really bad in places but there is at least a plot. 4 out of 5.

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