Episode 420

The Human Duplicators

Joel asks the bots what modifications they would like. Gypsy and Crow make some reasonable requests but Tom has several elaborate upgrades he would like to have.
For the invention exchange, the mads make a refrigerator alarm that only works when William Conrad opens it. This makes the two of them laugh so much they can hardly stand up. Joel’s invention is the personal helicopter. The bots are a little underwhelmed that Joel didn’t fly through the ceiling.

The Human Duplicators

A cheap looking spaceship carrying Dr. Kolos, a huge alien, arrives at earth. He has a quick chat with his bosses, then beams down to the surface. He arrives at the home of Dr. Dornheimer. Dornheimer is trying to make androids. Kolos is there to help him succeed as part of a galactic domination mission.
Kolos forces his way into the house and meets Lisa, Dornheimer’s niece, who just happens to be blind. Kolos is immediately smitten with her. She leads him to Dornheimer’s lab where Kolos declares he is now the master and takes over the research.

The scene shifts to a high security electronics facility. Dr. Munson, a researcher there, enters the facility. He goes to a secure area and rips the door off the hinges, which is not normal behavior for a researcher. This sets off an alarm. When the guard arrives, Munson subdues him

, grabs the electronics and heads for his car. Another guard shoots him three times but it has no effect on him, also not normal for a researcher. He easily drives away.

The police come to investigate what happened, as does agent Glenn Martin from NIA, the National Intelligence Agency. Glenn talks to one of the detectives that is looking for clues. Turns out this is just the latest in a string of thefts done by seemingly normal researchers. They keep stealing electronics. Both men are baffled.
Later, Munson’s car is located near a ravine. Glenn and the detective search the area which just happens to be near Dornheimer’s place. They find Munson’s body at the bottom of the ravine.

## Break
## Craft Project Time
Each of the bots had to make a spaceship that looks just as good as the one in the movie using objects found around the house. Gypsy was really into it, Crow and Tom, not so much.

Glenn is at NIA headquarters talking with his boss, Austin. They are trying to figure out why all these scientists keep stealing electronics. Agent Gale Wilson comes in with some reports. They indicate that Munson was electrocuted and had been dead for hours.

Glenn (George Nader) decides to go see Dornheimer since he knows most of the scientists that were doing all the stealing. Gale is not happy about that since she and Glenn had a date planned.
At Dornheimer’s, Lisa is getting suspicious of what is going on in the lab. Kolos tells her to mind her own beeswax.
Glenn shows up at the house posing as a reporter to do an interview with the professor. Before he does, Lisa meets him and tries to warn him that something weird is going on. Dornheimer talks to Glenn for a little while and Glenn is able to do a little snooping around before leaving.
Glenn meets up with Gale at a restaurant for their date. Glenn is a bit distracted by the goings on at Dornheimer’s place. The two head back to Glenn’s place to do some research.

They discover Dornheimer is a leading scientist in the study of androids. Glenn is beginning to think that the professor may have succeeded in making one. It would explain Munson’s behavior.

** Break
** Tom has made a bunch of android versions of himself. Joel and Crow aren’t very happy about it.

Glenn sneaks in through a hidden entrance to Dornheimer’s home and finds a bunch of mannequin parts. Or at least that’s what they look like. He also finds a cold room with a bunch of androids stored in it. He continues looking around and eventually finds the lab. There he witnesses an android being made. Thor, Dornheimer’s assistant, attacks Glenn. Glenn throws him to the ground and he breaks into pieces.

He was an android. Kolos grabs Glenn and he is prepared for duplication.
As Dornheimer works on duplicating Glenn, Lisa is listening in and hears what’s going on. She also finds a special coin that Glenn dropped during the not so dramatic fight scene earlier.
Back at NIA headquarters, Austin (Hugh Beaumont) and Gale (Barbara Nichols) are waiting to hear from Glenn. Gale is getting worried about him but Austin shrugs it off. Just then, Glenn walks in, only it’s android Glenn. He tells them Dornheimer is in the clear and is helping with the investigation. Android Glenn says he needs to go to Washington to continue the investigation there. Gale senses something is wrong with her boyfriend. She decides to start a little investigation of her own.

Kolos is giving a report to his bosses, when they ask why he hasn’t duplicated Lisa. Kolos seems to like Lisa and wants to keep her as an original but his bosses order him to make a copy her post haste. Kolos has no interest in doing it.
Lisa, meanwhile sneaks down to the basement to where the real Glenn and the real Dornheimer are being held captive.

Lisa mentions finding the coin to Glenn and he says he needs it to get out of his cell. Lisa agrees to bring it back to him later.
Gale follows android Glenn to another research laboratory. He breaks into a storage room and starts loading up on supplies. Gale is right behind him and when she confronts him he pulls a gun on her. Being a seasoned agent she immediately screams and runs away. Her screams attract security.

** Break
** Joel and the bots are talking about Hugh Beaumont, when whom should show up but the man himself. He’s a little crabby.Android Glenn tries to get away but he gets cornered by security. He tries to hurry through a large mechanical door but his arm gets trapped in it. When the police open the door, they expect to grab the intruder but instead his arm is all that is left of him. The android gets in his car and drives off.
Kolos pays a visit to Lisa in her room.

He tells her he doesn’t want to duplicate her even though his bosses think she is dangerous. She agrees to never betray him. When Kolos isn’t looking, she grabs Glenn’s special coin. After Kolos leaves, Lisa sneaks down to the basement.

Meanwhile, the android Dornheimer and some other androids, attack Kolos and take over the duplicating lab.
Lisa gives the coin to Glenn, the real Glenn not the android one. Turns out the coin has a wire inside of it so Glenn can use it to cut the bars to his cell. Before he can get started, two more androids grab Lisa and take her away for duplication.
The real Dornheimer tells the real Glenn how to stop the androids. Just so happens there is a pulse laser beam setup in the lab that can destroy the androids. It just has to be a head shot on the androids to work.
Glenn goes back to cutting the bars.

Eventually he is able to escape and heads for the lab.

Just as they are getting set to duplicate Lisa, Kolos (Richard Kiel) breaks free from his chains and begins fighting the androids. Glenn starts firing the pulse laser thing at androids and in due course they all fall over dead.
Android Dornheimer escapes out of the lab with real Glenn right behind him. They meet up in the front parlor. Just as a battle between the two looks inevitable, android Glenn shows up. Android Dornheimer tries to get android Glenn to kill the real Glenn, but he refuses. He only takes orders from Kolos.
Android fight!!!!
The two androids struggle with each other until they both collapse and die. Just then Gale and the cops show up.
Kolos retrieves a knocked out Lisa from the duplicating unit and brings her to the couch upstairs.

Kolos reveals that he too is an android and that he will return to his home planet and be destroyed for failing his mission. Lisa wakes up just as Kolos leaves for his home.

** Joel liked the way Kolos came out as an android at the end of the movie. Crow and Tom confess to Joel that they are also robots. Joel is not surprised, of course. Dr F and Frank are still laughing about the William Conrad refrigerator alarm.Cast
George Nader stared in episode 107, Robot Monster.

Barbara Nichols was a frequent guest star on tv shows from the 1950’s into the 1970’s. She died in 1976 at the age of 47 due to liver failure

Hugh Beaumont stared in episode 208, The Lost Continent

Richard Kiel was best know for playing Jaws in the James Bond movies The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker

** Best Riffs

I truly enjoyed this episode. The movie is down right stupid and the riffs are great. 4 out of 5.