Episode 421

Monster A-Go-GoTom and Crow have decided to start making cheese right on the ship. They put just about everything in the mixing tank, including Joel’s shoes.
The invention exchange has a theme: action figures. Frank and Dr Forester have Johnny Long Torso. A doll which is nothing but accessories.
Each of the bots come up with an action figure. Tom’s is Action Oxford, the eleventh Earl of Oxford. Crow’s is Woodscrew Tapeworm. Gypsy made Wilma Rudolph.First up a short:Circus on IceA black and white film of people ice skating with a circus theme.Super boring.Monster A-Go-GoA narrator explains that a space capsule carrying astronaut Frank Douglas is missing and a search is underway to locate it. A helicopter spots the capsule and it lands nearby. The head of the search team, Col. Steve Connors, heads over to the landing site. When he and his assistant arrive, they find the capsule, but no Frank. The helicopter pilot is also missing. Eventually they find him, but he is dead. His body is in pretty bad shape.Or least that is what the narrator tells us since we never see him.The scene shifts to Frank’s home where his wife Ruth greets Carl and Laura. The two of them are there to give her an update about Frank. Of course, they don’t really know anything about what happened to him. Eventually the three of them leave and head for the landing site.** Break
** Gypsy is trying to figure out Crow so they can be friends. Crow tries to help her understand him but it doesn’t help. Crow just gets frustrated and leaves. When Tom comes over Gypsy tries to figure him out but nobody can figure Tom out.While Ruth stays at the car, Carl and Laura meet up with Dr Logan and examine the body of the helicopter pilot. The body looks to be burned but not in a normal way.They also see a burnt patch on the ground nearby but disregard it. Guess its time to go to the lab and figure things out.At the lab, Dr. Logan is talking with Col. Connors. Conners thinks Frank had to have died but Logan is not convinced. They look at some stuff through a microscope and agree to keep checking stuff.Carl and the Colonel meet the head of the project, Dr. Manning, at the airport. Dr. Schreiber is with him. Carl is really excited to finally meet Schreiber. The four of them drive off to examine the pilot’s body.In another part of the movie, a group of young people are having a party. Everyone is dancing and having a good time. All except one, that is.A young man is upset that his girl is dancing with other guys. He grabs her by the arm a leads her away to his car. They drive for a while then stop to make out. The narrator is back talking about fate and other stuff. The young lady suddenly wants out of the car. As she walks away we get a brief glimpse of a very tall man walking up to the car.And just like that Manning and Schreiber are outside the car looking at the the body of the young man. He looks just as bad as the pilot. They find the young lady passed out nearby. Do they take her to the hospital? Of course not, they take her to the lab.The narrator tells us that Dr. Logan goes back to the landing site to do a little research but it doesn’t end well for him. He wanders around the area with some so sort of instrument to get some sort of readings.He eventually stumbles right into the tall man who quickly kills him. The tall man turns out to be our missing astronaut, Frank, only he is much taller than normal and radioactive.Now Ruth (June Travis) and Schreiber are at a night club. He asks her to dance, which, seeing how her husband is missing or dead, seems really inappropriate. She declines the request. There is a phone call for them. It’s about Logan. The two of them hurriedly leave the club.** Break
** Joel and Tom are throwing a ball back and forth not letting Crow get it.Carl, Manning, Schreiber, Conners, Laura and even Ruth go to look at Logan’s body and he looks terrible. Everyone is still really puzzled about all of this.Eight months later.A new character is suddenly in the movie, Dr. Brent. Apparently he is there to find out what has happened in the intervening months. He and Connors go to see Laura in her lab. New guy asks to see her log book as well as Dr. Logan’s log book.He grills her on a discrepancy in the logs and she gets pretty snippy with him. They then go to the commissary to talk to another Dr. Logan, his brother Conrad.Conrad admits to giving Frank (Henry Hite) a larger than normal dose of anti-radiation meds. He also admits that when given to lab animals, they grew to twice their normal size. The first Dr. Logan had developed an antidote but it was untested.Sometime later, Laura and new Conrad are working in the lab.After some chitchat, Laura heads home for the night. The narrator is back to tell us that this Dr. Logan has the monster man in a storage room at that very moment. He had been giving the monster the antidote and it seemed to be working. He also had to give it a sedative to keep it under control. That night he was late with it. The monster gets loose and destroys the lab. Only we don’t see it happen. The narrator tells us about it.Dr Logan tells Dr. Brent what happened. Brent is ticked off that he wasn’t informed about this. Dr Logan acts all stupid and eventually, Dr Brent forgives him. Connors meanwhile, has decided they must destroy the monster/Frank before it kills again.The army is called out and they quickly track down the Frank-monster. They try shooting him but he still escapes and makes it to Chicago. They need to stop him soon as his radioactivity is increasing.In a total different scene, a woman is trying to get her car started. She is stranded on a road at night and it just won’t start. Luckily, a truck driver pulls up.The lady flirts with him the whole time. He realizes that the car is out of gas. A little more flirting and eventually he gets the car started. She gives the driver a kiss and drives off. We find out later that Frank came along, killed the driver and took his truck.** Break
** The bots ask Joel about the Pina colada song and all of the problems with it. They aren’t satisfied with his answer.Eventually, they corner Frank in the sewer system. Connors and another man put on protective suits and go into the sewer looking for him. Just as they were about to confront him, Frank disappears. The men leave the sewer confused and then a telegram arrives. It explains that the real Frank Douglass has been rescued in the north Atlantic Ocean. He was in good health and normal size. So what was it that they were chasing? Will we every really know?** The bots are really depressed after watching the movie so Joel tries to cheer them up. At first, it doesn’t work but after a while they come around. Frank tries to get Dr. Forester to watch a Matlock marathon.CastHenry Hite was know for the occasional movie roll that would make use of his height. He was sometimes promoted as “the world’s tallest man” and that he was more than 8 feet tall, but in reality he was 7 ft 6 in.June Travis appeared in Ceiling Zero in 1936 and played Della Street in the Perry Mason film The Case of the Black Cat. She was Ronald Reagan’s leading lady in his first movie, Love Is on the Air, in 1937.Best Riffs

Wow, what a terrible movie. Not only is the plot dumb, but the camera and sound quality are atrocious. Even with some good riffs this is still a 1 out of 5

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